The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: Does Katherine Love Stefan?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: Does Katherine Love Stefan?

Don’t look now, but Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev) might just be the most compelling, watchable character on The Vampire Diaries Season 5. Her struggle to first deal with her humanity, then the return of her long-lost daughter, and now her impending death have somehow been both humorous and heartbreaking. (Kudos, Nina!) But, what about potential love interests?

We know Katherine has always had feelings for the Salvatore brother, but just as Elena has chosen Damon, Katherine has chosen her own Salvatore, and Season 5 is about to explore the depth of her adoration. Does Katherine love Stefan?

Is it just us, or are the planets aligning for Stefan and Katherine to come together? Right now, they’re both dealing with terrible tragedies Stefan’s in his recent past and Katherine’s in her near future. Is the universe pulling these doppelgangers together? Better yet, has it always been? If Katherine has ever loved anyone, it is Stefan. She chose him over Damon again and again, keeping track of him in the century she was presumed buried in a Mystic Falls tomb. Now, it seems she is finally putting her love for him to good use. In the synopsis for Season 5, Episode 8 (“Dead Man on Campus”), we learn that “Katherine … manages to get through to Stefan, who is still struggling to overcome the events of the summer.” It seems Stefan will return the favor in the following week’s episode Season 5, Episode 9 (“The Cell”) when “Stefan continues to offer Katherine his support while trying to mask his own pain.” Aww. It actually sounds like these two are on their way to a loving, supportive relationship.

On the other hand, one seemingly selfless act does not love make. Though Katherine has dabbled in her affections for Stefan over the years, the person she continues to prioritize over anyone else is herself. We’re not sure if Katherine is capable of love right now or, more accurately, if she will ever let herself love. She seems to see human connection corrupting to self-preservation, and that has always been her priority. Will she be able to change in the months leading up to her predicted death? Perhaps, but unlikely. It might take longer than three months to break the habits she spend 500 years honing.

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