Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Were Ezra’s Initials on the Kissing Rock?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Were Ezra’s Initials on the Kissing Rock?

In this week’s Pretty Little Liars (Season 4, Episode 15: “Love ShAck, Baby”) we visited our old friend The Kissing Rock when Emily ventured out the makeout spot to meet Ali. The rendezvous never happened, but we were given a potentially game-changing clue in the initials painted onto the side: “EF+AD.” Are those Ezra’s initials?!

No, they belong to Emily

Let’s get the least interesting (and most possible?) answer out of the way: the “E.F.” initials belong to Emily. This is what Emily seems to assume, and it could totally be the case. Perhaps, Emily and Ali even painted them there together. We know that they kissed, and that Emily was totally in love with her bestie. She told Paige that Alison broke her heart. We have even seen a flashback of Emily and Ali talking about the lovers spot. Ali teases Emily by asking her who she would like to bring to The Kissing Rock. Maybe there is more to this story than we have seen so far.

Yes, he and Ali were an item

But where’s the fun in the most obvious answer? Though Emily may assume those are her initials with Ali’s, we’re not so sure. Ezra is getting sketchier by the second and, at this point, we would believe that he had a relationship with Alison. This could be why he was so desperate to retrieve Ali’s diary from the Liars: because it features a page about him. If this is true, it follows that Ezra was the “Board Shorts” and/or “Beach Hottie” Alison met on Cape May the summer before she disappeared, and that Ezra was the one who drove her from town. Basically, this is the saddest option for us hopeful Ezra fans.

On the other hand, we know that not everything in Ali’s diary was true as Spencer called it, it’s “creative nonfiction with pseudonyms.” What if Alison had a crush on Ezra and created an entire story about a relationship that didn’t even exist. She could have painted those initials on The Kissing Rock herself as part of the lie she was weaving. If this is the case, those initials may belong to Ezra, but they don’t imply what everyone thinks they will imply. However, they could hint that Ali is blackmailing Ezra. Perhaps, that’s why he is after her: because he is a victim in her ongoing game.

Do you think those initials belong to Ezra? If so, do you think he and Alison were together? Share your theories in the comments below!

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