The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: How Will Elena Survive the Werewolf Venom?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: How Will Elena Survive the Werewolf Venom?

What’s a vampire girl to do when she’s been infected with a Super Ripper Virus? We’re about to find out on The Vampire Diaries. Last episode, Elena (Nina Dobrev) was stabbed with a werewolf venom-laced virus that will not only make her crave the blood of other vampires, but presumably makes her bite poisonous to any vamp she nips. Oh yeah, and the werewolf venom might kill her. How is Elena going to get out of this pickle?

The Travelers will help her — for the right price. Now that Dr. Wes is dead (thanks for that, Damon), the Travelers seem to be Elena’s best bet in curing her ails. They may not be brilliant microbiologists like our guy Wes, but they do have some serious magical abilities up their sleeves. They also like doppelganger blood. Might Elena be able to make a deal: a cure to her virus for a whole lot of doppelganger blood? After all, if she dies, that’s one less doppelganger for them to draw power from. We’re still not sure if the Travelers can cure this thing, but given that they were in an alliance with Dr. Wes, there might be a chance.

She will learn how to control it. Again, we’re fuzzy on the details of how this Super Ripper Virus works, but might Elena be able to control it? She’s always had more self-control than Damon and Stefan, adapting to life a vamp relatively easy once she got over the whole guilt of enjoying it thing. Sure, some of that probably had to do with the sire bond, but we think Elena has a lot of self-restraint when she want to. As long as this virus doesn’t kill her, we think she might be able to live with it. Of course, we don’t recommend indulging in a relationship with any other vampires in the near future. Love triangle angst!

Enzo will give her the antidote. From the looks of this promo for the next episode, Enzo may just be the answer to all of Elena’s problems. In it, we see Stefan and Caroline meet up with Enzo in some railway yard. “You have the antidote to the Ripper virus, correct?” Stefan asks Enzo. Clarification: is that the antidote to the version of the virus Damon has, or to the version Elena is currently ailing from? Will it work for both? Is there only one dose, a la The Cure, and Damon and Elena will have to choose who to save? Potential yikes!

She won’t. Or maybe there is no cure and Elena will die. Probably not, but we’re just saying: it could happen. Especially given how flimsy death has been on this show recently. Both Jeremy and Bonnie dies last season, and now they’re in a happy, committed relationship featuring what we can only assume is lots of shirtless hugs. See? Dying on this show isn’t so bad.

How do you think Elena will survive the virus? Share your theories in the comments below!

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