The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: Is Aaron the Augustine Vampire?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: Is Aaron the Augustine Vampire?

We’re intrigued by the newly-introduced concept of the Augustine Vampire on The Vampire Diaries. The Augustine Vampire is a super-secret homicidal vamp who is responsible for the murder of Elena and Caroline’s college roomie. He is also affiliated with the Augustine Society, an ironically vampire-hating group that operates clandestinely on the Whitmore College campus. Here’s why we think the vamp in question might be none other than Aaron (Shaun Sipos), the sadly sarcastic boy in Dr. Wes Maxfield’s care.

Everyone around him dies

When Elena first meets Aaron hovering over the memorial for slaughtered roommate, Megan, he tells her that everyone around him dies. College boy after Elena’s own heart, amirite? The thing about everyone around Aaron dying is that Aaron is the constant in the situation. Usually, that just means bad luck, but in this instance, we think it might be a case of causation over correlation i.e. Aaron is draining his loved ones of blood, then throwing them from the second floor of a Whitmore College fraternity house… or something.

He was at the Augustine Society’s mixer

Most recently, we saw Aaron moping at the Augustine Society’s mixer at Whitmore House. Katherine tried to grill the young man on the goings-on of the secret society, but Aaron genuinely seemed not to know what she was talking about. Usually, vampires have full knowledge of their killings, but we think there might be something special about the Augustine Vamp, perhaps some form of selective amnesia triggered by the Augustine Society in an attempt to control their very own vamp.

He is in the care of Dr. Wes

We might not know Aaron’s major, but we do know that he is the ward of Dr. Wes, aka the brilliant young microbiology professor who does vampire-based experiments for the Augustine Society. At first, we thought Dr. Wes might be Aaron’s uncle or older brother or family friend, but now we think he is his creator and/or handler. Think Dr. Frankenstein and The Creature. Aaron is Dr. Wes’ very own experiment, and the Whitmore College campus is his live-action laboratory.

Do you think Aaron could be the Augustine Vampire? Why or why not? Share your theories in the comments below!

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