Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Is Bethany Young Sydney’s Twin Sister?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Is Bethany Young Sydney’s Twin Sister?

The announcement that the girl in Ali’s grave in Pretty Little Liars was an escaped Radley patient named Bethany Young has us speculating on all cylinders. Who was this girl? And what are her connections to other characters on the show? One potentiality that intrigues is involves new girl Sydney, who seems to have a grudge against Ali. Could Bethany Young be Sydney’s twin sister? We speculate below.

Yes, this is why Sydney moved to Rosewood. Though this theory may seem a little far-fetched, we recently learned that someone on Pretty Little Liars definitely has a twin sister, and it was Tammin Sursok (Jenna Marshall) who let that little tidbit slip. Given that last night’s episode implied that Jenna and Sydney are friends, we wonder if Tammin might even be involved in the eventual reveal. The introduction of Sydney’s character seems very random, unless she has some important connection to the “A” game. Given that Sydney moved to Rosewood upon the reveal that it wasn’t Ali in that grave and is very interested in the Liars, we’re guessing that connection might have something to do with Bethany. This connection seems even more possible with Sydney’s membership in Mona’s Army. Why would Syd decide to join a group against a person she’s never met? Answer: because she thinks Ali is responsible for her sister’s death.

No, Sydney has a different connection to the “A” game. Of course, just because Sydney seems to have it out for Ali doesn’t mean she is related to the dead girl in Ali’s grave. Let’s face it: pretty much everyone hates Ali, and usually for something much less serious than suspicions that she was involved with the death of one of their relatives. Sydney could be in this because she knew Shana or knows Jenna or because Ali once side-swiped her car and didn’t leave a note. Perhaps, Sydney did know Bethany, but not because they were sisters. Perhaps Sydney was also a patient at Radley when Bethany broke out and Toby’s mom died. The possibilities are endless, but you better believe we’ll be whittling them down with each new clue Pretty Little Liars drops concerning Syd’s “A” game connection.

No, Bethany is someone else’s twin sister. Another reason we doubt this theory that Bethany and Sydney were twins is because we think the Hastings are somehow involved in whatever twinny business is going down. We think the twin in question might be a Hastings. The likeliest theory seems to be that Jason has a twin sister, which is why the DiLaurentises and the Hastings have a vested interest in keeping whatever went down the night of Ali’s disappearance a secret. Even if Bethany isn’t Jason’s twin, it seems far more likely she is the twin of a character that has been around Rosewood much longer than Sydney has.

Do you think Bethany is Sydney’s twin sister? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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