Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Is Mrs. Grunwald Lying About Ali?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Is Mrs. Grunwald Lying About Ali?

In the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars, Mrs. Grunwald told a charming story about pulling Alison (Sasha Pieterse) from the ground on the night of her alleged death. This story and the subsequent claim that Ali is still alive has spurred the Liars into action, as they plan to search for their bestie at the Ravenswood Founders Party regardless of the danger “A” represents. But can we really trust Mrs. G.? Is she lying about Ali? We speculate below!

No, she really is trying to help Ali

We have to admit: we want to believe Mrs. Grunwald and we can’t think of many reasons she would lie. Plus, her story matches up with the phone calls we know Ali was making to the Cicero College sorority house in the months before her death. Normally, we might have some reservations about the “bad feeling” Mrs. G. got that caused her to drive all of the way to Rosewood the night of Ali’s disappearance, but seeing that Ravenswood seems to be full of supernatural phenomena, we’ll let that one slide. If Ali did evade death that summer night, it makes sense that she would have had help doing it why not Mrs. Grunwald?

Yes, she’s working with “A”

On the other hand, what do we really know about this lady? Other than that she lives in a creepy town, lied to Spencer once before, and has eyes that seem to see into others’ souls. “A” seems to have some sort of foothold in Ravenswood. That’s where his current lair is. Could he also have a hold on some of its residences? Mrs. G. warns the Liars to stay away from Ravenswood because “A” is following them to get to Ali. Could this be some sort of elaborate set-up? Or is Mrs. Grunwald having second thoughts about helping someone so treacherous?

No, but she’s not trying to help Ali

There’s also a third option: that Mrs. Grunwald really did save Ali that night, but she is no longer helping her. After all, according to Mrs. G.’s story, Alison disappeared into the night when Mrs. Grunwald ran inside the hospital to bring help. Presumably, this could have been because Ali wanted to fake her own death, but why did she not seek Mrs. Grunwald out again? Why didn’t she tell Mrs. G. to take her somewhere other than the hospital if she wanted to disappear? Did Ali no longer trust the woman she seemed to keep in such high confidence in the months before her disappearance? Did “A” get to Mrs. Grunwald, and Ali knew about it? Most importantly, should the Liars trust Mrs. Grunwald now?

Do you think Mrs. Grunwald was telling the truth about the night of Ali’s disappearance? Can the Liars trust her? Share your theories in the comments below!

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