Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Is Spencer Still on The “A” Team?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Is Spencer Still on The “A” Team?

Spencer’s (Troian Bellisario) stint on the “A” Team last season on Pretty Little Liars was suspiciously short. She joined; she schemed; she (almost) conquered. But what if Spencer never turned in her “A” Team badge? What if she’s still working for Uber “A”? Here are five reasons we think Spence might still be on the “A” Team.

She “found” the lair

In the summer finale of PLL, the Liars caught a big break when Red Coat allegedly led Spencer right to “A”’s tech-savvy surveillance lair. But, what if it wasn’t Red Coat who found it, but Spencer - because she already knew where it was. We never actually see Spencer find the lair. We’re too busy watching Aria not save CeCe from a 20-foot fall. We’ve been suspicious that the Liars’ discovery of “A” HQ was planned by the cyber bully, and this would only make it easier. Did Spencer lead the other Liars to the lair on orders of “A”?

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Is Spencer Still on The “A” Team?
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Confiding in Ezra

Speaking of “A,” you know who have gotten a bit chummier this season? Ezra (aka “A”) and Spencer. OK, maybe the’re not BFFs, but Ezra was the first person Spencer shared her rejection from UPenn with. This could have just been a moment of desperate vulnerability, or there could have been more to her decision, i.e. that these two already share a secret their mutual “A” Team membership.

Mrs. Grunwald’s warning

In the summer finale, Mrs. Grunwald shares the story of the night she pulled Ali out of the ground, relaying that Ali has been alive this entire time. Why hasn’t she reached out to her supposed best friends, then? Mrs. G. implied that it was because one of the Liars couldn’t be trusted. Could that Liar be Spence? Sure, she seems to head up the “A” hunt, but what if that’s just a ploy? What if she’s the reason “A” is at least always one step ahead of them?

Lying to the Liars

Spencer spends most of Season 4A lying to the Liars about Toby’s involvement with “A.” It seems that she is doing it to keep Toby’s deal with “A,” but what if she’s also doing it because it’s what “A” wants. For some reason, “A” seems to want to keep feeding Toby information about his mother’s death. Though Spencer eventually ‘fesses up to her friends about Toby’s “A” alliance, it seems that it is only when “A” is done with Toby, considering he is nearly framed for breaking into a car when “A” calls the police on him.

Tells Toby to stop trusting “A”

And what about Spencer’s attitude towards Toby’s search for the truth about his mother’s death? When she first finds out about it, she seems relatively okay with his “A” alliance, as long as it helps his investigation. Then, she changes her tune, and tries to convince him to stop. Is it because she knows that “A” is planning to throw him to the wolves? Hey, just because she’s on the “A” Team, doesn’t mean she can’t be torn about it. Amirite, Toby?

Do you think Spence might still be on the “A” Team? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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