Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Is Wren Connected to The “A” Game?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Is Wren Connected to The “A” Game?

With all the bombs dropping in the Season 4 summer finale of Pretty Little Liars, it was easy to forget some of the revelations made about Dr. Wren Kingston (Julian Morris). But you’re not off of the hook yet, Wren! We break down his involvement in the “A” mystery, his connection to the “B” Team, and if the Liars can trust him.

The Melissa Connection

Last night, we discovered that Wren seems to be in cahoots (if not knocking boots) with Melissa. Toby found a mail slip that implies Wren has moved back in with his ex-fiance in London. Is this a love connection, or does Wren need to get out of town? Does he fear for his life (that seems to be going around)? Or was he just visiting London to get in some quality scheming sessions with Melissa? On a side note, if Wren is working with Melissa, why did he sabotage Veronica Hastings’ role as Ashley Marin’s lawyer? Was it Melissa he was talking to on the phone about it? Melissa claims she has done everything to protect her sister. Could she be pulling similar shenanigans to protect for mother from the “A” game?

“B” Team Member Update!

We found out about Wren’s connection to Melissa through his connection to Shana, which makes us think not only is the “B” Team still a thing but Wren is a part of it. But he’s not the only possible new member! We can also add Mona to the possible “B” Team roster, as Shana was seen visiting Mona at a remote bed-and-breakfast. (Aside: If we were Shana, we’d totally ask for a promotion. Right now, she’s basically the “B” Team’s glorified courier.) So, for those keeping track at home, the “B” Team now (maybe) includes: Melissa, Jenna, Shana, Wren, and Mona. That’s a pretty scary group.

Wren vs. “A”

The Liars semi-cleared Wren’s good name in last night’s episode when they saw surveillance of him in “A”’s lair. Their logic: if “A” is watching Wren, then they are not on the same side, and Wren is probably not completely evil. We agree with that in principle, but we think it makes quite a few assumptions, i.e. that “A”/Ezra is their full-on enemy, that “A” wouldn’t follow someone he’s working with, and that that was “A”’s lair at all. Yeah, we’re not taking anything at face value these days. Sufficed to say, we’re still not sure if the Liars can trust Wren, but we’d err on the side of caution.

How do you think Wren fits into the larger PLL picture? Is he on the Liars’ side? Share your theories in the comments below!

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