Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: How Long Will Jake Be Around?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: How Long Will Jake Be Around?

Jake, Jake, Jake. We want to root for you with your easy smile and your handy self-defense skills but we can’t help but think your days on Pretty Little Liars are numbered. On the other hand, all signs point to Aria’s new boyfriend sticking around for much longer than any other Ezra competition has thus far. Just how long will Jake (Ryan Guzman) be a mainstay in Aria’s life? We speculate below.

Will the upcoming Ezria kiss split Jake/Aria apart?

It may seem like the upcoming Ezria kiss presumably set to take place sometime in the first half of Season 4 spells the end for the Aria/Jake relationship, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. We know from Ryan Guzman’s tweets that Jake will be sticking around well into the season, which we think Jake and Aria are going strong for the first half of Season 4. It does raise some questions, though: Does Jake know about the kiss? Was it just a one-time thing? Our guess: Aria tells her new BF all about it. Going by this upcoming convo Jake and Aria have about Aria’s lingering feeling for her ex-boyfriend, it seems like the two have some pretty honest communication going on a helpful skill for long-term relationships, might we add.

When will Ezra/Jake scenes happen?

We know from Marlene King that Ezra and Jake will have multiple “intense” scenes together. This tease implies that not only will Jake be sticking around for awhile, but that Ezra will have reason to be jealous. Sure, Ezra would probably be jealous of any boy who gets to spend time with Aria (especially when he’s not), but if Aria actually had feelings for said boy, that would be intense.

Do Aria and Jake get serious in Episode 10?

We have Season 4, Episode 10: “The Mirror Has Three Faces” marked on our calendar (fine, we have all the PLL eps marked on our calendar) because Ryan Guzman is going shirtless in this ep. Sure, there are a thousand reasons why Jake might be taking off his tee, but we can’t help but wonder if it means Jake and Aria will be taking their relationship to the next level, if you catch our drift. We don’t think Aria would sleep with someone she doesn’t have strong feelings for, which means -- if this happens -- Jake may be around to stay.

Will there be a hoedown throwdown?

We’ve seen a pic of Aria and Ezra together at the upcoming hoedown episode, which has the PLLers putting on their ten-gallon hats and doing some two-step. We also know that Jake will be attending said event, which implies that he and Aria will still be together. Could a few meaningful glances between Ezria be the thing that finally breaks Jake and Aria up? Perhaps. Or perhaps Aria makes it clear to Ezra once and for all that she has chosen Jake. By our measure, the line-dancing scene will happen in Episode 11 or so, which means Jake and Aria may have spent some of that aforementioned serious time together. Could Aria be in love with her new beau?

So, how long will Jake be around?

Using the spoilers we’ve collected as our guide, we think Jake will be around for at least the first half of Season 4, which we think is pretty darn impressive. There’s a strong possibility that something big might happen between Ezra and Aria in the summer finale (when big things generally happen) that could cause Jake and Aria to split, but if Jake makes it past that obstacle, we think he has a good chance of sticking around for the entire season. Perhaps Jake isn’t just a rebound after all.

How long do you think Jake will be staying? How long do you want him to stay? Let us know in the comments below!

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