Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Is Sara Harvey the Woman in Black?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Is Sara Harvey the Woman in Black?

Color us intrigued by this sneak peek for the Pretty Little Liars winter premiere (Season 4, Episode 14: “Who’s in the Box”) that shows Hanna (Ashley Benson) digging up some clues about a girl named Sara Harvey who went missing from a nearby town around the same time Ali did. Could Sara be the Woman in Black?

It makes some sense that Sara was the person obscured in the black veil at Wilden’s funeral. As Hanna points out in the sneak peek, Sara was the same size and build as Alison and the Woman in Black looked a lot like both girls. So much so that we’ve suspected before that the Woman in Black might be Ali herself. If the mystery figure really was Sara, why we would she be there? Did she know Wilden? Was she forced to disappear the same way Alison did? Perhaps they even knew one another and planned their fake deaths together? (They could have met in Radley, “A” game central.) According to Hanna, Sara’s parents think that their daughter ran away with some boy. Maybe, Sara isn’t a victim of the “A” game, but a player in it one of the people who is after Alison for unknown reasons. As we know so little about this character so far, any of these theories could be true. We just think the Woman in Black looked an awful lot like that photo of Sara.

On the other hand, Hanna’s theory that Sara is the corpse currently buried in Ali’s grave makes a lot of sense someone has to be in there, right? If it is Sara buried in Ali’s grave, perhaps the Woman in Black is one of her friends. The website Hanna was perusing was set up by Sara’s besties, aka the Liar-equivalents of Cortland. Did their search into their own friend’s disappearance lead them to Rosewood? Were they at the funeral to get a closer look at the town where their friend may have died?

We’re kind of worried about where this line of questioning will lead us. Because, if Sara is in Ali’s grave, how did she get there? Did Ali kill her? As of right now, we’ve been led to believe that Alison faked her own death presumably that would mean procuring a replacement body. We were hoping Alison found someone already dead to play herself, but it’s not looking that way. Is Alison really capable of such a thing? Or did someone else involved in the fake death ruse do the dirty work? One thing is certain: we need to find out more about this Sara Harvey.

Do you think Sara was the Woman in Black? If not, do you think she is the corpse in Ali’s grave? Sound off in the comments below!

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