The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: Should Stefan and Caroline Stay Friends?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: Should Stefan and Caroline Stay Friends?

All signs point to the Steroline Ship moving full steam ahead on The Vampire Diaries. Word on the street is that Caroline (Candice Accola) has her eye on someone, and we doubt it’s Damon. With the possibility of Steroline turning romantic on the visible horizon, how do we feel about this potential development? Should Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline get together or stay friends?

Get together. Let’s face it: Delena has fallen flat this year. Sure, they’ve had some moments of heartbreak, angst, or passion, but for the most part, their Season 5 relationship has been more sizzle than spark. You know what relationship has felt fresh and compelling? Steroline! These two manage to have awesome chemistry even when they’re not trying and, on a show in which the central triangle has lost its edge, that cannot be underestimated. (Especially with ratings in a relative rut.) Not to mention we’re totally fans of the slow burn, friends-to-lovers storyline when done well. Now that Stefan has more-or-less been officially friend-zoned by Elena forever, we say it’s time the broody vampire found someone else to put a smile on his face -- and no one’s better at making Stefan laugh than Caroline. Bring on the Steroline love!

Stay friends. We’ve talked before about how awesome it is that on a TV show and network that so often has any and all young attractive leads hooking up in every pairing possible (well, at least of the heteronormative variety), Steroline exists as an example of a platonic, loving relationship. We’re not sure if we can stand that changing, especially if this Steroline development would eventually serve as just another obstacle in the Stefan/Elena/Damon love triangle. We’d hate to see Steroline’s friendship compromised as just another plot twist that is undone as soon as it’s realized. The fifth season has had an unfortunate habit of mistaking erratic character development for effective plot twist. We couldn’t bear to see that happen to Steroline.

Don’t care, as long as they get lots of scenes together. You don’t have to be a Steroline shipper — of either the platonic or romantic variety — to notice that Stefan and Caroline have some of the best scenes together. In a Season 5 that has been largely uneven, Steroline’s scene-age has been the constant. Whether you read it as romantic or not, the scene in which they snuggle to sleep in the back of an abandoned station wagon has to be one of the best of the season. Maybe we don’t care what the details of this relationship is or what label is put upon it. As long as Steroline continue to have scenes together (or even, dare we say it, get more scenes together), we’ll be happy.

Do you want Steroline to get together or just stay friends? Sound off in the comments below!

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