The Originals Burning Question: Should the Witches Complete The Harvest?
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The Originals

The Originals Burning Question: Should the Witches Complete The Harvest?

The Originals really kicked into high gear over the last few episodes, and it all started when Davina revealed the truth about how she got so powerful, and we learned the whole sordid tale of the Harvest. Yeah, it turns out the witches aren't quite the sweet and innocent victims Sophie Deveraux claimed they were.

However, the Harvest, as presented, raises some tricky moral questions. While it was clearly uncool of the witches to lie to Davina and her compatriots about how big a sacrifice was required to make the ceremony work, it's far less clear that Davina hightailing it out of there and staying in hiding is really the right thing to do, either.

Don't get us wrong — we don't blame Davina for a second. If someone said that they were just going to put us to sleep only to turn around and try to slit our throats, we'd say a big eff you to the entire community, too. It's a pretty understandable reaction.

That said, it also appears that the Harvest ceremony was the real deal. Anyone with eyes can see that Davina did, indeed, absorb the powers of her felled compatriots. If that much of the legend is right, who's to say the rest isn't, either? According to witch lore, after all four young witches are killed in the Harvest, there comes the Reaping, when the ancestors restore the witches' powers and, importantly, the sacrifices are reborn. By staying in hiding and trying to take down the witches, Davina is ensuring that the other three sacrifices, including Jane-Anne Deveraux’s daughter, will stay dead for good.

On the other hand — the witches lied, and that’s not cool either. Plus, can we really be sure they're right about the sacrifices being restored to life? After all, if you get to come back, that's not really much of a sacrifice, in the long run. And even if the girls technically do come back, the whole "being dead" part of the experience is probably not cool. Not to mention with Agnes, the last elder of the coven, dead, it sounds like there's even more of a chance the Harvest isn't going to work out, even if Davina were willing to die for the cause.

So, where do you stand? Are you hoping the witches eventually go through the Harvest and restore their power and those lives, or do you take the stance that Davina is better off staying alive?

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11.18.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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