True Blood Burning Question: Should Sookie Shack Up With Another Supe?
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True Blood

True Blood Burning Question: Should Sookie Shack Up With Another Supe?

True Blood heroine Sookie Stackhouse is a woman with a problem. Well, many problems. “A” problem would be “just” having to contend with her fairy-blood, or “just” having a crazy ex-boyfriend eager to gain access to her blood, or “just” never being sure if she is about to be fired from the waitressing job she has all but abandoned. Since Sookie’s got all this and more on her plate, I guess to say she’s got one problem would be a woeful understatement.

That said, the one that seems to get her in the most trouble (lately and historically) is her passion for dudes of the supernatural persuasion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some broad of the anti-fanger persuasion, live and let live (which might be an unfortunate choice of words here). Sookie’s entre into the world of dating vampires wasn’t the worst, remember, Bill was charming and smitten at first...until we found out that he’d been keeping secrets from Sookie until go.

If she’d been willing to give Sam the time of day back when he was beyond in love with her, that could have been a much-needed palate cleanser, proving that not all -supe-lovin’ is bad lovin’. Sadly, she was still much too hung up on Bill, and that option seems to have gone with the proverbial wind. Things with Alcide could have been promising, but with a jealous Eric making him sick at the sight of her, and Sookie helping things along by hurling on the dude, that’s never going to happen.

You can’t blame a girl for falling in love with Eric Northman -- even if she is falling in love with a benign, basketball shorts-wearing version of him, but I think even Sookie knew that their relationship held no real future. Aside from using her powers of supernatural-seduction to lure Ben/Warlow into a trap, it’s looking like it might be the best course of action for all parties involved if Sookie were to steer clear of guys who sleep in coffins, or need a little naked-running-around-as-an-animal time. Still, how much could she really have in common with a normal human? Should Sookie keeping on dating sexy supernaturals or stick to norms, what say you?

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07.12.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rebecca Stokes
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