Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Was Ali Staying at Radley?

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Was Ali Staying at Radley?

What does life after “death” look like for Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) on Pretty Little Liars? We’re not sure, but we’re hoping we’ll find out in Season 4B. One of our biggest questions: Where has Ali been staying this whole time? One of our favorite theories: Radley Sanitarium. Here’s why!

Spencer’s run-in with Alison. In Season 3, Spencer enjoyed a short stint in the mental health facility following her breakdown over Toby’s presumed betrAyal and death. While there, she had a convo with Alison. A sleep-deprived Spencer assumed it was a hallucination and/or dream, but now we know it was actually Ali she chatted and danced with. In the scene, Spencer was visiting a seemingly abandoned wing of the sanitarium and, though she seemed glad to see Spencer, we didn’t get the impression that she had gone out of her way to visit her. We think Spencer may have simply stumbled upon Ali’s makeshift living quarters.

Ali’s possible connection to Toby’s mom. Recently, we’ve been learning more and more about the shady circumstances surrounding Marion Cavanaugh’s alleged suicide. One such detail is that Marion’s doctor remembers a blonde girl who used to hang out with Toby’s mom. Though Mrs. DiLaurentis claimed this blonde girl was CeCe pretending to be Ali, we’re not so sure. Could Mrs. D. be covering up a stint Ali had in the sanitarium? If so, Alison would have probably been familiar enough with Radley to crash there following her death.

Ali’s meetups with Mona. All roads lead back to Radley and this includes Mona’s post-Original “A” stint on the “A” Team. While playing “A” Team member, Mona routinely met up with a mask-wearing Red Coat in Radley. We suppose Alison could have snuck in for these meetups, but it makes a lot of practical sense if she was already in the building. All she would have had to do was pop over from the abandoned ward to Mona’s room. Easy peasy!

It keeps her close to Rosewood. Though we’re not convinced Alison has spent all of her post-disappearance time in Rosewood, it makes sense that she might want to stay close -- not only to keep an eye on her loved ones, but in an attempt to figure out who “A” is. Not to mention, she has people to go to in an emergency, and at least knows the lay of the land. Radley is the perfect base to do this from it’s close enough to town, but is only visited by patients, doctors, and patients’ loved ones. Minimal exposure for maximal proximity.

Do you think Ali has been staying in Radley Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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