Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Was CeCe Afraid of Ezra?
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Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Was CeCe Afraid of Ezra?

When CeCe Drake (Vanessa Ray) took off at the end of Pretty Little Liars Season 3, she seemed afraid for her life. Given what we now know about Rosewood’s resident on-again-off-again English teacher, could CeCe have been running for her life from Ezra (Ian Harding)?

Yes, Ezra is totally after CeCe

CeCe more or less went into hiding for Season 4A. Sure, it could have been to partake in unsavory activities or, it could have been to stay hidden from a vengeful pursuer. An episode before CeCe’s departure from Rosewood, Jason was nearly killed in an elevator “accident,” presumably by “A” (aka Ezra). CeCe told Emily that she was afraid of Wilden, but what if it was Ezra who she was really frightened of? In “A”’s lair, there were records of payments made to CeCe. Whether she was working for him or not, it seems she was afraid of him. Why else would CeCe be creeping on Ezra and Aria outside of Ezra’s apartment door in Season 4A?

No, CeCe is afraid of someone else

On the other hand, there are roughly 36458405 people in Rosewood of whom it is totally legitimate to be afraid. CeCe could easily have been frightened of one of those people, choosing to pack up and leave Rosewood rather than risk staying. Wilden is certainly a likely possibility, as is Melissa, Wren, or even Jason. Who was CeCe running from?

No, CeCe isn’t afraid of anyone

There’s also the very likely possibility that CeCe was faking her fear. We know she’s a consummate Liar not only did she lie to the Liars, but in Mrs. DiLaurentis’ telling, once dressed up as Ali and committed herself to Radley as her frenemy. That’s some serious fib commitment! Could CeCe be doing the same thing here? If she is “A,” or one of the masterminds behind the “A” game, then she is controlling the game rather than being controlled by it. Her half-season disappearance could have been so that she could play “A” or “A” Team without answering to friends and family.

Do you think CeCe is afraid of Ezra? Why or why not? Share your theories in the comments below!

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