Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Was Jason Working With Ezra?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Was Jason Working With Ezra?

With the Pretty Little Liars revelation that Ezra (Ian Harding) has been gathering information about Ali’s disappearance and the people of Rosewood since the pilot, comes the follow-up question: who else is he working with? He seems to have made a recent alliance with Mona, but what about before that? Was Ezra working with Jason (Drew Van Acker)?

Yes, the two have formed a partnership.

In Season 3, Ezra was unemployed and living on Ramen — quite a trial for someone who considers a can of chickpeas a meal deal-breaker. We bring this up because, during Ezra’s period of unemployment, Aria randomly found a whole mess of cash inside of own of Ezra’s dresser drawers. This was right after Jason had written a check for $50,000 in exchange for information about Alison’s “death.” Coincidence? We think not! We think Ezra may have let Jason in on a little information — i.e. that his sister was still alive and on the run. This makes sense because, shortly after the check/drawer o’ money business went down, Jason skipped town. Sure, it could have been because someone just tried to kill him in an elevator crash, but we think it had more to do with his search for Alison. He shifting his goal from finding his sister’s killer to finding his sister, full stop. And you know who would make the perfect partner in all of this? Ezra. With one team member on the road, following Ali’s trail across the country, and one team member based in Rosewood, keeping an eye on the goings-on there and investigating the period before Ali’s death, they could cover way more ground. It’s genius!

No, Jason would not work with Ezra.

On the other hand, Jason is the protective big brother sort. We doubt he would take kindly to the knowledge that Ezra had dated (and potentially slept with and impregnated) his teenaged little sister. And that all of this had happened right before Ali disappeared. Would Ezra even risk telling Jason that? He didn’t even tell Aria what he was up to. Why would he tell someone far less invested in Ezra’s well-being (and far more likely to beat him up)?

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