Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Was Mona Helping Ezra With His Book?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Was Mona Helping Ezra With His Book?

Now that we know Pretty Little Liars main “A” suspect Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) is an aspiring true crime author and not a psycho stalker, we’re wondering what the deal was with his tenuous alliance with Mona (Janel Parrish). Was Mona helping him with his book? We speculate below.

Yes, she has inside knowledge about Alison

If we were looking for a research assistant for a true crime novel about Alison, Mona would be our first pick. She’s not only a genius, but she knew the “victim” personally. She was in town when it happened. More than that, she spent at least a year conducting surveillance on the people of Rosewood, which seems to be an unhealthy portion of Ezra’s research. In the winter premiere, Ezra and Mona have a conversation concerning Mona’s desire to be better supported and be mentored. Did Ezra offer her experience helping him write the true crime novel as a result of that convo? It seems like a huge leap of faith considering he wouldn’t even confide in Aria about what he was doing, but Mona may have figured out what he was up to during her stint as “A.” Plus, sometimes, it’s easier to tell the people you don’t love the truth than it is to tell the people you do.

No, she was helping him with something else

Though we know Mona was helping Ezra with something, we don’t know for sure that it was his true crime novel. Again, that is a big secret to trust to someone like Mona, and Ezra hasn’t kept it for so long by telling any student who wants extra credit he’s investigating the whole town. We think Mona may have been helping Ezra with his efforts to see Malcolm again. If Mona is good at anything, it’s blackmail, and since her exposure as the Original “A,” everyone in town knows it. Did Ezra call upon her unique skillset in a desperate effort to win partial custody of or visitation rights with Malcolm? It seems a likely possibility given that there’s no way he would be granted any kind of custody legally, given that he isn’t Malcolm’s biological father and only knew the kid for a few months.

Do you think Mona was helping Ezra with his book? Do you think she was helping him with something else? Sound off in the comments below!

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