Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: What Is Mona’s Endgame?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: What Is Mona’s Endgame?

Mona (Janel Parrish) is a riddle wrapped up in an enigma on Pretty Little Liars. She has been an “A,” a Liar, and now seems to be cozying up to Uber “A” in the winter premiere. What is this teenage genius’ endgame? We speculate below!

To take down Alison

One thing we know for sure about Mona is that Alison bullied her terribly before the mean girl faked her death and disappeared into the night. If Mona is after anyone, it makes the most narrative sense that she is after Alison. After all, the Queen Bee of Rosewood High made its resident nerd feel like dirt. In retrospect, Mona’s turn as the Original “A” could have been in part to find out if the Liars knew where their seemingly-dead bestie was hiding out. If Mona was the one who originally drove Alison to fake her death, we doubt she’d give up so easily if she caught so much as a whiff that the blonde was alive. And, given how clever Mona is, it would be difficult to fool her. Does Mona know Alison is alive?

To take down “A”

So far, we’ve assumed that Mona’s interest in chatting up Uber “A,” aka Ezra, has been to get in on his devious plans but what if it’s the complete opposite? What if Mona is trying to take the current “A” down? She could have a number of motivations for this play: 1) To stop “A” from his devious, stalker ways in the name of Alison, the Liars, or even herself, or 2) Because she’s pissed that Ezra took over her “A” mantle. Especially if the Uber “A” was the person who left Mona to burn in the fire at the Thornhill Lodge. These are both totally justifiable reason for going after “A.” Mona is unpredictably loyal and seems to have a bit of a jealous streak. Better watch out, “A”!

To take down the Liars

Of course, there’s nothing demanding that Mona’s motivations make sense to anyone but her. After all, she went after the Liars once because she felt they had stolen her bestie Hanna from her, even though that never made complete sense. Is Mona completely over the apparent slight? If not, we’re guessing Hanna’s cold shoulder act is only going to fuel the fire. Mona is smart and patient. Has she been playing eager ally and fellow victim to keep the Liars from suspecting she is up to something more nefarious? If we were the Liars, we wouldn’t drop our guards when it comes to Mona. And a little faux friendliness might not go amiss either. After all, there are murderers about!

What do you think Mona’s endgame is? Share your theories in the comments below!

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