Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: What Is Noel Hiding?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: What Is Noel Hiding?

The Season 4 finale of Pretty Little Liars answered a lot of questions, but it also raised some of its own: like, what is up with Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty)? He is helping Alison because in her paraphrased words, he has secrets, too. But what are those secrets?

He loves Alison. We didn’t get many lovey-dovey vibes from Noel and Alison when he was handing over her plane ticket than skedaddling in the Season 4 finale, but maybe they’re not big on the PDAs? We don’t want to just assume that Alison or “A” is blackmailing Noel without first giving him a chance at doing this all for love. Did Noel fall for Ali, either before or after her fake death? Have these two been an item the whole time, Ali convincing Noel to date potential “A” suspects (i.e. Mona, Jenna, and even Aria) to find out who was after her? Stranger things have happened.

“A” is after him, too. Noel has spent a lot of the series angry with the Liars — in a similar manner to the way they get angry with someone they think is “A.” Is this because “A” is also after Noel, and he once suspected the Liars of being the culprits in question? If so, we’d like a spin-off recounting this entire series with Noel as protagonist and the Liars as the suspected villains. Would that not be awesome?

He feels responsible for “A.” Perhaps, Noel isn’t afraid of “A,” but feels responsible for his or her actions for some reason. Perhaps, he was the one to set her loose from Radley or help him get information on the Liars? Perhaps, “A” is even related to Noel. However this potential relationship went down, we think Noel could be trying to make amends for his previous role in the “A” game by helping “A”’s chief victim: Alison. Gotta keep that karma positive, especially in Rosewood.

He killed the girl in Ali’s grave. There’s been much talk of the dead girl in Ali’s grave. We still don’t know who she is or who killed her, but that information could be pretty powerful, especially for a girl on the run, afraid for her life. Did Alison find out who killed the girl in her grave (Noel) and then use that information to get the Rosewood toolbag to help her? Is Noel just another puppet in her efforts to determine who “A” is? If so, does this mean the girl is missing teen Sara Harvey? Were she and Noel date in secret? She has to be tied in to this somehow!

He killed Wilden. Speaking of murder, there are plenty of unsolved ones in Rosewood to choose from. If Noel didn’t kill the girl in Ali’s grave, then he may have killed Wilden. We’re not sure what his motive would have been, but given that Wilden was a huge jerk, we can always suspect that he did something to set Noel off. Perhaps, Noel was there with CeCe? Did they decide to get rid of Wilden together? The options!

What secret(s) do you think Noel is hiding? Share your theories in the comments below!

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