Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: What Did Mona Know?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: What Did Mona Know?

Pretty Little Liars’ Mona (Janel Parrish) was killed because she was getting too close to a truth. Minutes before her death in the Season 5 summer finale, she called Aria to let her know that it was Alison who lured Bethany Young to town. What evidence did she find, and is there more to the story? (There has to be more to the story!) We speculate below…

Clues left behind. Janel told Wetpaint Entertainment that Mona “left clues” for the Liars in the event of her death. That girl was always thinking! To us, this means that there is much Mona knew about the “A” game that she wasn’t spilling while alive that she might reveal from the grave. We can’t wait to see the Liars try to work these out, and to finally have someone on the inside (so to speak) who’s helping them out.

“A” Team minion. What Mona might know? Well, we think a better question to start with is: How did she learn it? Mona was “A”, then an “A Team” minion, then a Liar, then an independent agent trying to protect herself. Did she discover something revealing about “A” when she was “working” for him/her from Radley? Did “A” reveal something in any of those chats the two had in Mona’s room? Might Mona even have figured out “A”’s true identity?

Bluesnarfing. PLL made kind of a big deal in this summer season of Mona’s method of gaining information: bluesnarfing. Mona was tapping into the phones and computers of everyone from the Liars to the Rosewood P.D., and we can only imagine the kinds of secrets she learned. We think, whatever clues Mona left for the Liars, she may have uncovered them herself when listening into conversations around town.

Lucas. Another potential ally to the Liars is Lucas, who remained loyal to Mona until the very end. While it’s unlikely Mona revealed all of her secrets to Lucas, he has to know a few — or, at the very least, where to look. He seemed to be Mona’s partner-in-crime in the summer finale, which means Lucas could be the key to learning the truth about everything. Or, you know, the person the Liars should be most worried about.

Bethany Young’s file. The summer finale hinted that Mona found evidence in the recordings of Bethany Young’s Radley sessions. Did Bethany reveal that Alison had contacted Bethany and wanted her to break out of Radley? There has to be even more to the story if Mona was killed for it. Is it possible that Alison herself was even on the tape? Could the tape incriminate someone other than Alison? Perhaps the therapist Bethany was confiding in? Did those tapes reveal “A”’s true identity?

What truth do you think Mona was killed for? Share your theories in the comments below!

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