Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: What Role Will the New Girl Play?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: What Role Will the New Girl Play?

You know what Pretty Little Liars needs? More characters! There aren’t enough faces to remember in Rosewood. (We tease you because we love you, PLL.) Luckily, we have a new face coming to Rosewood in Season 5B. Deadline just announced that Miranda Mayo (The Game, Days of Our Lives) has been cast as Talia, a new chef in Rosewood who “gets off on the wrong foot with Emily, and things go downhill from there.” As if the Liars didn’t already have enough to worry about!

Talia will be a recurring character, which begs the question: What role will she play in relation to the Liars? We speculate below!

A villain. It certainly sounds like Talia will be at odds with the Liars. If someone has a problem with one of the Liars, he or she has a problem with all of the Liars. Will Talia become another resource for Alison and/or “A” to use against the Liars?

A love interest. Every new character to Rosewood becomes a potential love interest for our girls. In this case, we wonder if Talia might have a love/hate sexual tension thing going on with Emily. Or, more likely given Emily’s current happiness with Paige, might Talia become Ali’s love interest? Ali admitted earlier this season that she had feelings for Emily. Might Talia be the next girl in Ali’s life? Or Jenna’s? There are so many romantic possibilities in this town!

A boss. Though we don’t have many details about Talia, we do know that she will be in Em’s storyline specifically and that she will be a chef. Could she be Emily’s boss? Emily does work in food service and, given everything that’s gone down with current boss Zach, could she be looking for another job? Could this Talia not only be a new character, but represent a new set for the Liars a new restaurant where Emily will work?

A new Liar ally. Lately, the Liars have been losing their allies. They lost Ali. They lost Mona. And Alison has lured most of Mona’s Army to her side. Let’s face it: the Liars could do with some friends. Though it sounds like Talia may be more enemy than friend, the phrase “wrong foot” implies that there might be some kind of misunderstanding between Talia and Emily. If the two characters clear this up, could Talia be an ally for the Liars?

What role do you think Talia will play on PLL? Share your theories in the comments below!

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