The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: What Do the Travelers Want With Elena and Stefan’s Blood?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: What Do the Travelers Want With Elena and Stefan’s Blood?

There was a lot of Traveler talk in last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries about the doppelganger blood of Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena (Nina Dobrev), and this isn’t the first time the Travelers have gone out of their way to get their hands on the stuff. In the 100th episode, they trapped Stefan and Elena in some shack until they had both contributed a bucket-full. What do the Travelers need with all that doppelganger blood?

To destroy the Other Side

Hands up if you think this has to do with the Other Side, aka the supernatural purgatory where most of the characters killed off on this show have gone? Yeah, us too. The creation of the Other Side was done by Tessa millennia ago so that Silas could never be reunited with his true love, Amara. And we think the Travelers have been annoyed with it ever since. Sure, they’ve also kept track of it, keeping the anchor in their possession, but has that been more about controlling it rather than sustaining it? Now that Silas and Amara are on the Other Side, this is the perfect chance for the Travelers to get rid of them once and for all (or, as far as that is possible on this show). We think they want the doppelganger blood so that they can destroy the Other Side, which we’re also guessing probably doesn’t bode well to any former witches who might be anchored to it.

To mass produce the Ripper Virus

The Travelers seemed awfully interested in helping Dr. Wes produce the Ripper Virus. Why would they care — unless one of their goals was to eradicate all vampires. This actually makes some sense, given that they seem to be not-cool with anything “unnatural” in the universe — i.e. they created the doppelgangers so that balance could be maintained for the unnatural immortality Amara and Silas had achieved. Now that the original love triangle is dead, are the Travelers looking to get rid of the vampires, too? We’re not sure how doppelganger blood is connected to the Ripper Virus, but it tends to make spells even more powerful. If the Travelers have found a way to mass produce it so that they can kill all of the vampires in one fell swoop, then our fang gang is kind of doomed.

To end the doppelganger line

With Amara and Silas dead, the original reason for the doppelgangers is arguably no longer needed. This is bad news bears for many of our favorite characters. Have the Travelers made it their mission to end the universe’s creation of the doppelgangers? This would most likely include killing any living doppelgangers — we know that Silas and Katherine were both targets of theirs — as well as doing some kind of magic to ensure that no new doppelgangers are created. Watch out, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley! The Travelers are coming for your look-alikes!

What do you think the Travelers intend to use the blood for? Sound off in the comments below!

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