The Originals Burning Question: What Will Rebekah Do Now?
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The Originals

The Originals Burning Question: What Will Rebekah Do Now?

In last night’s episode of The Originals, Rebekah (Claire Holt) drove away from New Orleans and her brothers and into a fresh chapter of her life, leaving the show as a series regular. But what will that off-screen chapter look like? After all of these years of life with her controlling brother Klaus, what will Rebekah do now?

Find a new family. Since we’ve known her, Rebekah has always wanted one thing: to find someone to love without betrayal or the fear of her brother offing him. When Klaus asked Rebekah what she wanted in last night’s episode, she told him: “The same things that I have wanted since I was a child: I want a home. I want a family. I want someone to love me. And I want to live.” And we think Rebekah might actually be able to find it without her brothers causing problems. We hope she does.

Help others. Let’s face it: Rebekah is a total do-gooder, a bleeding heart. She helped the Casket Girls, didn’t she? And that’s only one example of her secret desire to help others. We could totally see her starting an orphanage or helping others who have gone through familial abuse. And, for the record, we would definitely watch a spin-off of a spin-off. Our chief suggestion: Rebekah inadvertently starts a foster home for children who come from abusive homes. It’d be like a cross between The Originals and The Fosters, and it would be awesome.

Build her own empire. Klaus has always been adamant about New Orleans belonging to him, but that doesn’t mean Rebekah doesn’t also have empire-building in her blood. It’d be hard not to after everything she’s seen. Rebekah has never hungered for power the way that Klaus has, but she has always wanted to belong. She told Klaus that she has always wanted a home, and we think that may mean building her own empire. Maybe not in the same way Klaus means it — with blood and power and minions — but with the things Rebekah is good at, like caring and cleverness and, yes, scheming. Besides, when it comes down to it, we think Rebekah has more in common with Klaus than she would care to admit.

Hang out with Matt Donovan. The Vampire Diaries’ Matty Blue Eyes has made it clear that he doesn’t want to get mixed up in a supernatural relationship, but might his time in Europe with Rebekah have changed his mind? After all, these two have a good thing going. She recently rescued him from an untimely death being buried alive, and we’re still seeing spots from the blinding smile that broke across his face when he saw her. Unfortunately, unless Matt Donovan is written off TVD (which is not something we want to happen), this theory will remain a dream plot development.

All of the above. Why choose? Rebekah should find a new family, build an empire, and hang out with Matt Donovan. She’s a sexy, smart, loving vampire with the power of compulsion. She can do anything she bloody well wants.

What do you think Rebekah will do now that she’s left New Orleans? Sound off in the comments below!

The Originals airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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