Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Where Has Ali Been Hiding?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Where Has Ali Been Hiding?

If Alison (Sasha Pieterse) really is alive as, Mrs. Grunwald so effectively argued in the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars Season 4, then where has she been this whole time? It’s one very impressive thing to fake your own death, but to stay hidden for years after that? That takes resources...and a great hiding place. Where has Ali been hiding? We speculate below...

The DiLaurentis Crawl Space

In Season 4A, we learned that someone had been using the crawl space in the DiLaurentis home basement as living quarters. It makes sense that Ali would want to return to her house. She knows her way around and can stay close to the people she loves. Also, free food and clothes in her size!

The Cicero College Sorority House

Remember that creepy room Spencer found in the Cicero College sorority house? The Liars figured out that Ali had been calling that room to speak to Mrs. G. (aka sorority house matron) in the months before her death. What if she sought refuge there following her “death”? Someone could stay hidden in there listening to that spooky radio and making prank phone calls for a long time, especially if they had someone to bring them rations.


It seems unlikely that Ali would have been hiding in Ravenswood this whole time given that Mrs. G. claimed she hasn’t seen Ali since the night of her alleged death. Ravenswood isn’t that big they would have probably run into one another by now. But, we’re not sure if Mrs. G. is telling the truth. Not only does Ravenswood not seem to get a lot of visitors, but it’s close to Rosewood. Plus, “A” seems to think Ali has been hiding out in the town and when has “A” ever been wrong?

Grandma D.’s

According to Mrs. DiLaurentis, Jason is currently down south, helping Grandma D. fix up the old homestead but what if he’s not the only DiLaurentis kid visiting their gran? In the months before she died, Ali supposedly visited with her grandmother. Could she have sought refuge there following her death? And is Jason with her now? We can’t imagine there are many people whom you can trust in Ali’s situation, but your grandmother has got to be one of them, right?


All roads lead to Radley. That place seems to be at the center of everything that goes down in Rosewood, so we wouldn’t be surprised to discover that Ali has been shacking up in one of the facility’s lesser used spaces during her absence. Spencer also saw Ali in Radley when she was staying. Spencer hadn’t slept for days and thought she was hallucinating her seemingly dead BFF, but we don’t think she was. We think Ali was just taking a stroll around the old digs when Spencer happened to interrupt.


We’ve never personally faked our own deaths before, but we’d imagine it’s safest not to stay in one place for too long. Sure, there’s a chance that Ali has been shacking up in one of the above speculated placed, but if she is really on the run for her life then we bet she has kept moving. Who knows? Maybe she’s spent time in all of these places, but never long enough to be caught. There’s something pretty sad about that…

Where do you think Ali has been hiding? Sound off in the comments below!

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