Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Where Is Lucas?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Where Is Lucas?

For a town as seemingly small as Rosewood, Lucas Gottesman (Brendan Robinson) certainly has managed to stay off the Liars’ radar on Pretty Little Liars. Sure, the kid’s home-schooled now, but he must eat and consume coffee, right? His long-term absence from our screens he hasn’t been seen since mid-Season 3 makes us highly suspicious. Where is Lucas?

Avoiding Ezra

Lucas allegedly dropped out of Rosewood High because he felt his life was endanger (which probably makes him the smartest character on this show), presumably because of Mona’s return. But what if it isn’t a student at the school who has Lucas on edge, but a teacher? The timing doesn’t watch up precisely. Lucas told Hanna he has decided to become homeschooled a handful of episodes before Ezra returned to the school, but Ezra could have put in his paperwork around that time. Basically, with all of the craziness that is coming out about Ezra, we wouldn’t be surprised if Lucas’s absence doesn’t have anything to do with Mr. Fitz.

Working for Ezra

On the other hand, Lucas could easily be Ezra’s minion. After all, he’s worked for “A” before, and being homeschooled certainly gives him the flexible schedule for conducting “A” shenanigans. In the Season 4 winter premiere, the person we see opening the creepy cabin’s basement door is wearing Converse, which just so happens to be Lucas’s established shoe of choice. Could Lucas be meeting Ezra for an “A” Team meeting? It would make the perfect location for a planning session given that these two have no reason to hang out otherwise with Lucas withdrawn from Rosewood High. Other evidence in the Lucas is working for Ezra case study: Lucas has an extensive background working with photography. He could have been the one to take those pictures we saw in the “A” lair in the summer finale. Heck, maybe that’s what he’s doing with all of his free time. And the reason why Ezra was so suspicious of his talking to Aria outside the photography studio in Season 3, Episode 5 (“That Girl is Poison”).

Helping Alison

Alison and Lucas were never exactly friends — in fact, she bullied him terribly. But, we’re beginning to think Alison has more friends than we originally thought. Or, at least her potential twin does. Whichever DiLaurentis it is the Liars are now in contact with, she needs help, and we think she may already have it from some Rosewood peeps. Lucas’s homeschooling excuse could allow him to meet with Alison when everyone else — including Ezra — is at school, or even to leave town to meet up with her if the situation called for it. Could Lucas be helping Alison? We’d like to think so. We’ve always wanted to believe the best of this character.

What do you think Lucas is up to? Share your theories in the comments below!

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