Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Where Was Jason?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Where Was Jason?

The ruse is up, Jason DiLaurentis (Drew Van Acker)! We Pretty Little Liars fans will be distracted by your rock-hard abs and killer eyes no longer. After last night’s episode, we know that Ali’s handsome older brother has been lying about his whereabouts for the past few months, and we want to hear the truth — once and for all. Where has Jason been?

Helping CeCe. Before Alison disappeared, Jason and CeCe were totally an item. She broke up with him right after Ali went missing (suspicious, yes?), and they have been apart ever since — or so we assumed. But what if these two crazy kids worked things out and got back together? Jason’s departure from Rosewood was very close to CeCe’s, and he mentioned in last night’s episode that he thought Wilden was the one who tried to kill him in that elevator shaft. Coincidentally (or not), CeCe is now wanted in connection with Wilden’s murder. Did these two team up to kill Wilden, then take off together for a life on the run? Has Jason been with CeCe this whole time?

Helping Alison. Of course, CeCe isn’t the only runaway blonde in Jason’s life. His sister, Alison, has been spending the last few years on the run. Does Jason know that she is still alive? Has he been helping her during his recent absence? It certainly seems likely, especially given that, when the Liars went to meet Ali in that warehouse in last night’s episode, they ran into someone else they knew. We’re not yet sure who, but Spencer was the one who questioned the off-screen character, which makes us think it’s someone she knows well. Might it be Jason, and might he be there because he has been helping Alison, too?

Helping his mom. The Liars are entertaining the possibility that Jason has been in Rosewood this entire time, helping his mom carry out “A” business against the Liars and others. We don’t want to believe this is true. First of all, we don’t think Jason would actually carry out attacks against his own half-sister, no matter how convincing Mrs. D. is. Second of all, it’s really not that easy to live clandestinely in a small town, especially one as suburban-like as Rosewood. Everyone knows one another’s business and there’s only so many times you can order in Chinese food and answer the door in a mask before rumors happen. On the other hand, Pretty Little Liars isn’t always known for its impeccable realism. Maybe Jason has been living in the gardenia bushes.

Where do you think Jason has been? Sound off in the comments below!

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