Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Who Else Knew Ali Was Alive?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Who Else Knew Ali Was Alive?

We weren’t the only ones who knew Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) was alive before Paige tipped off the Rosewood PD on Pretty Little Liars. Let’s count who was aware of the fake-death plot during Ali’s self-imposed exile: Mrs. Grunwald, Shana, Noel, Ezra, Mona, and the Liars. With Ali’s imminent return to Rosewood in Season 5, everyone will be aware of the former mean girl’s alive status before too long. But our burning question: who else already knew Ali was alive? Here are five characters we think may have been in on the secret…

Jenna Marshall. Whether Shana told her or she figured it out herself, we think Jenna was in on the Ali-is-alive secret. Exhibit A: someone tried to kill her for information she had about Alison. Might it have been knowledge of Ali’s whereabouts? Or maybe just the knowledge that Ali didn’t die that night in her backyard? Jenna may be partially blind, but she tends to “see” more than the rest of Rosewood put together.

Lucas Gottesman. Lucas dropped out of Rosewood High to go home school in Season 3, and has been avoiding everyone ever since. We’ve often wondered why Lucas felt so unsafe at Rosewood High. Sure, it’s a dangerous school, but he seemed even more freaked out than everyone else. It could just be that he has a healthy sense of self-preservation that no other teenager in this town seems to possess, or he could have information that endangers his life: like the knowledge that Ali is alive. Lucas is returning to Rosewood High in Season 5. The timing seems suspicious. Is he returning because the secret is now out, and he’s no longer worried about being killed for it?

Toby Cavanaugh. Toby jet-setted off to London for a reason, and we can’t quite figure out what it was, even if Melissa insists it was to inform her that Spencer had relapsed in her study pill addiction. Did it actually have to do with Alison? Did he discover that she was still alive, and seek out Melissa for help? Perhaps, Toby thinks that Ali’s return endangers Spencer? Perhaps, Ali holds a secret about Toby and Melissa that he is now worried will come out — maybe about the death of the girl in Ali’s grave? Perhaps, all of those out-of-town jobs were really excuses to help Ali? Whatever the reason, Toby’s impromptu trip across the pond makes us mighty suspicious.

Melissa Hastings. Speaking of Melissa, whether she found out from Toby or from somewhere else, we think she could have also been in on the secret. Not because we think Ali would have necessarily confided in her — the two seemed to hate one another — but because Melissa has seemed to have a clear sense of the Rosewood situation since day one. She insists that she is protecting Spencer, but we know that she doesn’t think Spencer killed the girl in Ali’s grave. Was she protecting Ali, out of some sort of reluctant sense of familial obligation? After all, they do both share a brother. And they both love Spencer. Whatever the possible reason — for Ali or against — we just know that Melissa’s unexpected return from London coincides with Ali’s public return from the dead, and that is an awfully big coincidence.

Maya. We’re not sure how long Noel has known that Alison is alive, but if he has known since the beginning of her disappearance, then there is a good chance that Maya may have known, as well. After all, she hid in his cabin in the months before she died. Did the two share secrets? Did Maya figure it out herself based on clues she found at the DiLaurentis house? Was this the reason she was killed? Sure, it could have been a jealous Lyndon James, but we’ve always been suspicious of that explanation, especially since Lyndon died and can’t be questioned about it.

Who else — if anybody — do you think knew about Ali’s fake death? Share your theories in the comments below!

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