Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Who Is Aria’s New Man?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Who Is Aria’s New Man?

Have you seen the promo pics for Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 22 (“Cover For Me”)? In them, Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) is snuggling up to a new guy played by Jane By Design cutie Nick Roux. The synopsis for the episode tells us that “Spencer and Aria lean on new men in their lives to recover.” Who is Aria’s new man?

Support group

Now, obviously, this friendship/romance/etc. is mere episodes after Aria finds out about Ezra, which is why these photos are so surprising. Aria will presumably be reeling from the reveal that Ezra was lying to her, which doesn’t exactly scream new relationship time. On the other hand, Pretty Little Liars has been laying the groundwork for Aria’s need to talk to someone who isn’t involved in her Rosewood life for awhile. She’s sought help from Jessie, the new school counselor, before. Will she do it again in an attempt to work through her complex Ezria feels? We think it’s a definite possibility, and we think Aria might meet New Guy at some sort of support group or therapy retreat (hence the picturesque dock in the photos). Misery needs company, amirite?

College Guy

In one of the photos, New Guy is in front of what looks like a Hollis College fraternity house. Is he a college guy? We know that Aria has taken classes at Hollis before. She also spends some time there visiting her father, a Hollis College professor. Does she meet New Guy while she’s on campus? While we’ve mentioned that it’s not like Aria to rush into another relationship so soon after her presumably epic breakup with Ezra, she could surprise us by going to the other end of the Epic Breakup Reaction spectrum, and immediately going for a rebound. If so, New Guy might be that rebound.


One of the good things about being a Liar is, when your love life is going poorly, you can always throw yourself into the “A” hunt. Perhaps, Aria is taking a page from Detective Hanna’s book and doing just that. Ali’s disappearance seems to be involved with Hollis College in some ways. Does Aria meet New Guy while looking for “A” game clues? Perhaps, New Guy even is a clue that Aria decides to get closer to. Maybe it starts as an investigation and turns into something more?

Who do you think New Guy is? Do you think his relationship with Aria is something special? Share your theories in the comments below!

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