The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: Who Is the Augustine Vampire?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: Who Is the Augustine Vampire?

In Season 5, Episode 6 (“Handle With Care”) of The Vampire Diaries, we got a closer look at the Augustine Society and their secret agenda. Most notably, we learned about the existence of a vampire in their possession. Who might this mystery vamp be? We speculate below!

What we know

So far, the only deets we’ve gotten on the Augustine vamp is what a compelled Dr. Wes Maxfield spilled to Caroline. Basically, that there is a vamp that belongs to the Augustine Society and that he killed Megan. Yeah, it turns out Caroline’s not a very good interrogator. How did the society get a vamp? Why are they covering for him? These are all questions as of yet left unanswered.

Theory #1: Aaron

Are we the only ones who totally suspect melancholy college boy Aaron is the Augustine vamp? Dr. Wes is basically his keeper, and he was at the Augustine Society mixer. Also, he told Elena that everyone around him seems to die is that because he has killed them? If so, we actually think Aaron has some sort of vampire-related amnesia (a different breed than Stefan’s, more of the Jekyll & Hyde variety). He seemed genuinely clueless when Katherine was questioning him about Augustine. In Season 5, Episode 5: “Monster’s Ball,” Dr. Wes dressed as Jekyll for the costume ball. We think this was foreshadowing for some kind of vampire creature character who, when human, cannot remember the actions of his vampire counterpart. Trippy.

Theory #2: Dr. Wes

Or maybe the reference was even more spot-on. Maybe Dr. Wes is the Jekyll & Hyde vampire in question. After all, he was the one wearing the top hat. In the classic novella, Dr. Jekyll begins transforming into the villainous Mr. Hyde because of a potion he himself created and consumed to quell his dark side. Could the same thing have happened to the brilliant young scientist, Dr. Wes? Could he have created a potion that turned him part vampire? If so, it explains his continued interest in studying vampire physiology. Perhaps, it is not simply to help the society, but also to help himself.

Who do you think the Augustine vampire is? Share your theories in the comments below!

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