Ravenswood Burning Question: Who Killed Mayor Matheson?
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Ravenswood Burning Question: Who Killed Mayor Matheson?

On Ravenswood, we know that Mayor Charles Matheson (aka Luke and Olivia’s father) was killed because he got too close to The Curse, but that doesn’t mean it was a spirit that killed him. We know that Team Ghost has at least one very corporeal member playing both sides in Ravenswood. And he (or others) could be after The Five next! Which makes this question so darn important to answer: Who killed Mayor Matheson?


After the fall finale, we have our eye on Dillon, formerly seemingly perfect boyfriend to Olivia Matheson. Now, we know he is in cahoots with Max, aka the creepy little ghost girl who tried to kill Caleb in the climactic episode. We’re not sure how far his involvement stretches or what his motivations are for helping out the nefarious spirits, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a very likely candidate for Mayor Matheson’s murder. As Olivia’s boyfriend, he probably could have gotten close to her dad without much suspicion and he has no apparent motive for the murder to the other members of the Ravenswood community. Plus, this would be a heartbreaking (and killer) narrative twist!

Raymond Collins

We’re not sure what Uncle Ray’s deal is, but he definitely has the hots for Rochelle Matheson, aka Mayor Matheson’s widower. Apparently, they had a thing in high school, but haven’t had much contact since because Raymond and Charles didn’t get along. This would be motive enough, but Ray also seems to have some kind of connection to The Curse. We’re not sure what his Curse-related hair collection is for, but it could be a task done for Team Ghost. In which case, Uncle Ray is looking doubly guilty of the Matheson murder!

Mrs. Grunwald

So far, Mrs. Grunwald has been a mysterious fringe character. We’re not ready to try to pin the Matheson murder on her, but she’s definitely on the short list. Mostly because she seems to be involved in whatever scheming Raymond Collins has going on. It could be good scheming or it could be bad scheming. She also seems to have some form of communication with the Ravenswood spirits and was the one who suggested Caleb take the bath that almost killed him in the Ravenswood pilot. You mess with Caleb, you mess with us, Mrs. G!

Rochelle Matheson

It’d almost be a shocker to have the person initially suspected for a television crime to actually be the one who did it. Right now, the whole town seems to suspect Rochelle Matheson, aka Mayor Matheson’s wife, for the murder. Even her own son, Luke, is worried she did it. We haven’t been getting murdery vibes from Rochelle, but that doesn’t mean we trust her. Who knows? It could have even have been an act of self-defense, or an attempt to try to save her children, who are currently on the ghost hit list.

The ghosts

Or, maybe, the ghosts really did do it.

Who do you think killed Mayor Matheson? Share your theories in the comments below!

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