Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Who Shot Ezra?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Who Shot Ezra?

Who shot Ezra (Ian Harding) in the Season 4 finale of Pretty Little Liars? Ezra claimed to know who it was, shouting at the masked figure, “I know who you are,” before taking a bullet for the Liars. With the E! Online promo for Season 5 teasing the reveal of said culprit, we could help but speculate. Here are our top speculations for the identity of Ezra’s shooter.

Paige: Presumably, Ezra was not the intended target of the shooter on that NYC rooftop. We’re thinking it was Alison, but who would be after her. Paige shoots (pun!) to the top of our suspect list. Not only does she openly hate Alison, but she saw the Liars right before they left Rosewood to go meet Ali. Did Paige follow them to their meetup, put on her best “A” outfit, and shoot Ezra? She certainly athletic enough, a noticeable trait in whoever that was behind the mask. He or she was not only able to fight off Ezra, but jump from one building to another. Paige is a competitive swimmer good enough to earn a scholarship to Stanford. Plenty athletic.

Toby: Who else do we think could make that jump? Our guy Toby. Though we don’t want to believe PLL would go down this road again with this character, Pretty Eyes was out of town when the shooting went down. He has supposedly been in London, but if Melissa had the time to jet back across the Atlantic, then so did he. We also know he has some sort of strange past connection to Ali, and it seems to be mixed up with the “A” game.

Mike Montgomery: This seems a bit out in left field, but Mike is another character who we think might be able to fight off Ezra and leap from building to building in a single bond. Lacrosse builds muscles, you know. He has also shared a recent relationship with Mona, aka the Original “A,” and has a history of violence. Does Mike know more about the “A” game than the show has let on? Does he have some sort of past relationship with Ali? And, if not, was there another target on that roof?

Jason DiLaurentis: What is up with Jason? We don’t want to think he would go after his own sister, but it might make sense given that whoever almost killed Ali the night of her disappearance, Mrs. DiLaurentis was ready to protect him or her. It follows that the person in question would be her other child. Jason is also recently returned to Rosewood after a mysterious absence for which he lied about his whereabouts, and presumably has the athletic prowess to fight Ezra off.

Who do you think shot Ezra? Share your theories in the comments below!

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