Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Who Was Ezra Yelling At?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Who Was Ezra Yelling At?

On the most recent episode of Pretty Little Liars, we saw Ezra (Ian Harding) screaming at a blond woman in a car. He seemed really angry, hitting the roof of said vehicle as it drove away, yelling, “This isn’t over.” Yikes! Ezra told Aria that he was yelling at Maggie’s lawyer, but do we believe him? Who was Ezra really yelling at?

Mrs. DiLaurentis

Though Mrs. DiLaurentis wasn’t in last night’s episode, she certainly played a central role as we learned that she is on the board at Radley Sanitarium and is most likely the reason Spencer’s dad decided not to move forward with his attempts to shut Radley down. Everything comes back to Radley, and we kind of like the idea of Ezra’s storyline somehow tying into the mental health hospital, too. Could he or someone he knows have been a patient there at one point? Perhaps, he was even there when Toby’s mom died? Maybe he met Alison while spending time there? A connection with Radley could perhaps explain Ezra’s pursuit of Ali. Spencer’s dad said there wasn’t a case against Radley because Wilden is dead and there was no one left to testify that he changed the police report covering Toby’s mom’s death. If Alison was there, she may be the only one alive who knows the truth about what happened, which means finding her would be paramount to making Radley pay for whatever it is they’ve done.


Related or not to the above theory, Ezra could also have been yelling at Alison. We know he went to find her at the Bumble Bee Inn, and maybe he did. Perhaps, these two were hanging together off-screen for much of the episode. If Shana can move to Rosewood to uncover Ali’s almost-killer, then why can’t Ezra? Was he also convinced by the rather persuasive teenager? If this is true, we can understand how Ezra would be angry with Alison about having to continue to lie to Aria about his involvement in the “A” game. Did he meet up with Alison to try to convince her that letting Aria into the fold was a good idea, only for his temper to get the better of him when the mean girl refused. This is totally the kind of thing Ali would pull: refusing to let two people be honest with one another to keep them from loving one another more than they love her.

Maggie’s lawyer

Or maybe it really was Maggie’s lawyer Ezra was yelling at. The explanation isn’t completely out of the question, though we’d imagine Ezra would be angrier with Maggie than her legal counsel. We know that Maggie will soon come back into the picture based on this Season 4B promo showing Aria pushing something out of Maggie’s hands. Is Maggie in town to further discuss Ezra’s right to see Malcolm? Or will her reappearance only poke more holes into Ezra’s increasingly thin stories?

Who do you think Ezra was yelling at? Share your theories in the comments below!

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