The Originals Burning Question: Who Will Be the Next Leader of the French Quarter?
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The Originals

The Originals Burning Question: Who Will Be the Next Leader of the French Quarter?

It's only a matter of time before Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) lose control of the French Quarter. Within the narrative of the show, the ousting seems unlikely, but when we take a step back to look at The Originals on a structural level, it seems inevitable. What's drama without a game of thrones? With this in mind, we can't help but speculate who might be the next character to claim the supernatural community for his or herself. Here are our top five possibilities.

Marcel. Of course Marcel seems the likeliest candidate -- if only because he's held the position before, is a charismatic leader, and Klaus loves him too much to kill him. He's also been plotting 24/7 on the Other Side of the river and, unlike Klaus, people actually want to follow him. If he plays his cards correctly, he could have Cami and Davina on his side. But the biggest reason Marcel has a shot is because, after his little speech in last night's episode, we truly believe that he will do whatever he has to do to reclaim the Quarter. Unlike Klaus who has a new baby to live for, Marcel's entire life is devoted to his coop. This seriously unnerves us.

Cami. We're totally pulling for Cami to surprise everyone by gaining control of the Quarter herself. Up until now, most people have underestimated the psychologist bartender, attempting to use her more often as a pawn than an ally. Though she is a weakly human, she has possession of Kieran's key, which is said to unlock a weapon designed got keep the supernatural factions in check in some way. She also has the code to decipher it, the wherewithal with keep her knowledge from Marcel, and sympathy from Klaus. Could she be the next leader of the French Quarter?

Francesca. Francesca scares us. There, we said it. Unlike most of the powerful villains (or, as we like to call them, characters) on this show, her strength is in her subtly and strategy. She couldn't beat most of her opponents in a fist fight, but we get the impression she may never have to. She has too much going on behind the scenes. In last night's episode, she didn't seem frightened of Hayley at all, even when the werewolf had taken out her bodyguard. What kinds of tricks does Francesca have up her sleeve? (Besides suicide bombers.) And are they enough to garner her control of the entire quarter?

Mikael. Mikael once said that it wasn't enough to kill Klaus, he had to destroy everything he holds most dear. What better way to do that than to destroy the French Quarter and everyone in it? OK, so this isn't "gaining control of the city" in the traditional sense, but it shares a very important attribute: he would decide the fate of the city. We're not sure what Mikael's exact plans are, but if Davina brings him back from the dead, we can only imagine the hellfire that will rain down on this city. The man is nothing if not committed to his end goal.

Monique. Monqiue is a total wild card. And she's powerful. She's basically the scariest mean girl ever because she has an entire community of witches (both living and, more importantly, dead) to back her up. She killed her aunt. She tried to kill the miracle baby. Who's next? If the ancestors ask Monique to take control of the city, we doubt she'd spare anyone — even former bestie Davina — to do it.

Who do you think will rule the French Quarter next? Share your theories in the comments below!

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