Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Why Is Ali Building an Army?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Why Is Ali Building an Army?

In the promo for the Pretty Little Liars summer finale, we learn that Alison (Sasha Pieterse) is building an army, but for what purpose? Sure, minions are useful, but doesn’t Ali tend to keep her allegiances a little less public? What is the mean girl up to? We speculate below.

To fight Mona’s Army. Alison has always been aware that Mona has an army of loyal followers, all intent on ruining Ali, but until recently, she had the Liars to watch her back. Now that they’ve jumped ship, Ali is in need of a new people to watch out for her. We doubt her rent-a-friends will do half as good a job, but what else can you do in a pinch? And, as Ali is probably the type who believe that the best defense is a good offense, we wouldn’t be surprised if Ali’s army started picking off Mona’s army one-by-one.

To take out “A”. The show is becoming increasingly blatant in its references to Ali being “A”, but we still think it’s trying too hard to convince us. If Ali isn’t “A”, then Alison must be really worried that the mysterious villain is still after her. Is she finally launching an offensive against “A”, using her new friends as the frontline?

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Why Is Ali Building an Army?
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To take out the Liars. Whether Alison is or isn’t “A”, we’re kind of afraid she will go after the Liars for what she may see as a betrayal. And we think she’s going to use her new friends to do it. Ali still has plenty of secrets the Liars would rather not get out. Will Ali start threatening with them — or worse yet, start sharing them with her new friends?

To use as human shields. It was only a few episodes ago that someone broke into Ali’s house and nearly choked her to death. It was only Emily’s timely arrival that saved her. Now that Ali doesn’t have the Liars houses to crash at, she’s going to need new friends with new abodes to keep her away from her own dark, lonely house. Better yet, she likely has little to no emotional connections to these new friends, which means in a pinch, they can be used as human shields against “A.”

Why do you think Alison is building an army? Share your theories in the comments below!

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