Ravenswood Burning Question: Why Is Dillon Working With Max?
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Ravenswood Burning Question: Why Is Dillon Working With Max?

In the fall finale of Ravenswood, we learned that Olivia’s seemingly loving boyfriend, Dillon (Luke Benward), is working with ghost girl Max and the other spirits trying to kill The Five. How could he?! We speculate below…

His Life Is In Danger

According to Luke Benward, aka the actor behind the role, we’re going to “dive a little deeper into the character of Dillon and why he’s evil” when Ravenswood returns in January. He claims: "[Dillon]'s honestly just trying to survive … He's scared just like everyone else is." This makes us think that Dillon’s reasons for helping the ghosts might be nothing more complicated than they have threatened his life. Kind of a weak move, but we’re not sure how long we would hold up if a gang of homicidal ghosts starting sending death threats.

The Life of Someone he Loves Is in Danger

A somewhat more heroic spin on that speculation that Dillon is just straight-up afraid of what the Ravenswood ghosts might do if he doesn’t cooperate is that he’s not afraid for his own life so much as the life of someone he cares about. We don’t know much about Dillon’s backstory does he have a family? but we’re sure there are people other than Olivia he cares about. Might they be under the ghosts’ watchful eye? Perhaps, the loved one in question is even a ghost him or herself. We know that the ghosts seem to have some turf wars on the Other Side. Is Dillon trying to keep one of his ghost-loved ones safe? Is this too convoluted even for this show?

He’s Trying to Save Olivia

We do know that Dillon loves Olivia, which means that she might be the loved one he is trying save. Perhaps, he knows about The Curse and is playing double agent to try to figure out a way to get Olivia out of it perhaps, he is even the one responsible for Olivia, Luke, Caleb, and Remy not dying in the same crash that took Miranda’s life. The Five have questioned why four of them survived the accident that was supposed to take all of their lives perhaps, Dillon is the one they have to thank.

Word on the street is that Dillon has “a connection to the past.” Sounds curse-related to us, and certainly explains why he is able to interact with ghosts like Max when few other Ravenswood residents seem able to. Could Luke have been born into some kind of duty to carry on the curse? Perhaps, one of his ancestors was saved by it and he now has some sort of duty to protect it. There have to be dozens of children born to soldiers who should have died when they went away to war, but who were saved by The Curse. Is it in their best interest for The Curse to keep going? Perhaps, if it stops, so does their never-meant-to-be lives? Talk about incentive for a town-wide conspiracy!

Why do you think Dillon is on Team Ghost? Share your theories in the comments below!

Catch the Ravenswood winter premiere on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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