Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Why Is Mona Working With Ezra?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Why Is Mona Working With Ezra?

The Pretty Little Liars reveal that Ezra (Ian Harding) is not “A,” but rather writing a true crime book about Alison’s disappearance has left us with about a bagillion follow-up question. Near the top: Why is Mona (Janel Parrish) helping Ezra?

She wants to help the Liars

Though Mona may have officially left Team Liar, we’re not so sure her allegiance to them especially, Hanna is completely gone. She has a lot to make up for after bullying them for so many years, and she seemed genuinely concerned about Aria when she came into the Montgomery house post-betrayal. Did Mona agree to help Ezra so she could gain information for the Liars?

She wants to explain her side of the story

Mona may have integrated herself back into the Rosewood community, but we can only imagine there are still tons of rumors about her time as “A” and why she did it. Working with Ezra could give her the chance to tell her side of the story once and for all something we’ve never really heard in entirety, given that this show is first and foremost about the Liars. Did Ezra agree to tell her side of the story in his book in exchange for her help?

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Why Is Mona Working With Ezra?
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She wants to embarrass Ali

Both Ezra and Mona have something in common: they have both been hurt by Alison. Though we know less about how Alison treated Ezra, we know that he at least perceives to be the victim in their relationship. And we definitely know just how terrible Alison was to Mona. Did the two bond over this commonality, coming up with a goal to expose Ali for what she is: a fraud.

Ezra has something on her

Though Ezra claims he doesn’t mean or want to hurt anyone in his pursuit of his book, can we really trust him? Like Aria, we feel like we have no idea who Ezra is anymore. Could he be blackmailing Mona into helping him? It certainly seemed like it when they spoke at the restaurant last episode. Mona wanted to stop helping him, but he implied that wasn’t an option. Does he have something on Mona?

She’s helping Alison

Spying is expensive these days, and Ezra seems to have access to some premium equipment. Did Mona agree to help him so she could have access to his extensive surveillance network and base of data about Rosewood and its citizens? We’ve speculated before that Mona is helping Alison. If that’s the case, Ezra would be the perfect faux-partner to join forces with in an attempt to ferret out Ali’s tracker. Even if it isn’t Ezra himself, he’ll probably be the first one to find out.

She is “A,” and she wants to find Ali

Mona isn’t usually a team player when she can help it, which makes her quasi-allegiance to Ezra suspicious. What if he’s not the one playing her? What if she’s playing him. If she is still “A,” she’s always on the look out for secrets and/or Alison’s location. Helping Ezra means that she can not only keep an eye on him and what’s going on in Rosewood, but also piggyback on his search for Alison. Genius, just like Mona!

Why do you think Mona is helping Ezra? Share your theories in the comments below!

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