Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Will Aria Break Up With Jake?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Will Aria Break Up With Jake?

Aria’s (Lucy Hale) love life is getting quite messy on Pretty Little Liars. In the winter premiere, she hooked up with Ezra despite the fact that she’s technically still dating Jake. When Jake comes back from his trip out of town, what will the PLL do? Will Aria break up with Jake? We speculate below.

These promo pics. Aria isn’t the type to string a guy along, which is why we assumed she would immediately break up with Jake upon his return to Rosewood, until we saw these promo pics for Season 4, Episode 16 (“Close Encounters”). In them, we see the hunky martial arts and Aria grinning at one another in the gym. In one pic, Aria even has her hand on Jake’s face. This does not look like the body language of someone who is breaking up with someone else. Just saying.

The cabin in the woods. Here’s the thing: though it seems like Aria and Ezra totally knocked boots in the cabin in the woods, there was also talk of keeping the whole thing secret until after Aria graduates. With their own personal hideaway, might they continue on in their daily routines as if everything is normal, only to sneak away for romantic rendezvous in the woods whenever it strikes their fancy? This might not be the wisest choice for everyone involved, but when has Ezria ever followed their heads over their hearts? Not really their style.

Aria’s moral compass. Aria is a good person, which is why it’s kind of hard for us to believe that she would continue to date Jake if she were also hooking up with Ezra. We know she’s blinded by love and everything, but still. She’s stronger than that. If she does intend to stay with Jake, we liked to think she’ll be honest about what went down with Ezra, and they could go from there. In the synopsis for Episode 16, Aria “deals with matters of the heart.” Will she ‘fess up to Jake and figure out what she wants for herself?

Do you think Aria will break up with Jake when he comes back to town? Do you want her to? Sound off in the comments below!

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