The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: Will Bonnie Get Her Powers Back?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: Will Bonnie Get Her Powers Back?

How inconvenient is it that The Vampire Diaries resident witch, aka Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham), is sans magical abilities since her return from the Other Side? Sure, we know she got her life back (kind of) and everything, but we can’t be commandeering a college classmate’s help whenever we need a locator spell! Will Bonnie get her powers back?

Yes, she’s a powerful witch

We haven’t met that many witches in Mystic Falls, but of the ones we have, Bonnie seems to be the most powerful (aside from, perhaps, Tessa). We can’t imagine that all of that power is gone for good, especially when there are so many witchy factors about. If anyone might be able to help Bonnie get her powers back, then it’s the Travelers, an ancient sect of witches who not only seem to know a lot about the regular witchy stuff, but also the Other Side. After all, it was a Traveler who created it, and the Travelers who guarded the anchor for thousands of years. Also, they have lots of doppelganger blood. Will they be able to help Bonnie retrieve her powers now that she’s the anchor? Will they want to? We think this might go done like some sort of coercive swap. If the Travelers help Bonnie get her magic back, she needs to help them with some super-powerful spell (probably, of the apocalyptic or Bonnie’s friend-hurting variety). This is just how these things work. Also, Bonnie’s Grams will be there, looking judgmentally on.

No, they’re gone for good

Bonnie is notorious for having the lamest storylines, but we’re kind of intrigued to see what her story arc could look like moving forward. Having powers hasn’t really worked for her, but watching her struggle to deal with a non-magical existence could be kind of cool. It totally worked for Katherine: she has never been more interesting than when she turned from vamp to human and had to deal with blisters after 500 years of perfect skin and superpowers. Angst! TVD is running out of time to play this storyline out with Bonnie as she has been non-magicked for a handful of episodes already, but we still think they could make it work. We’re intrigued by the kind of role Bonnie could play in the collegiate witch community. A few episodes ago, we met Liv, Bonnie’s classmate and a witch who doesn’t understand her powers. Seeing Bonnie as a mentor and guide for newbie witches could be kind of cool, especially, if she eventually goes power crazy and uses her Dumbledore’s Army for evil! (Just us?)

Do you think Bonnie will get her powers back? Do you want her to? Sound off in the comments below!

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