The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: Will Damon Turn Evil Again?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: Will Damon Turn Evil Again?

The Vampire Diaries resident smoldering vampire Damon Salvatore has always been a morally ambiguous fellow, but his character has made serious strides in the not-killing-innocent-people department since Season 1. (Remember that time he snapped Uncle Zach’s neck? Those were the days.) Still, we can’t help but think he is a ticking time bomb, especially with the fear of losing Elena so tangible. Will Damon turn evil again?

Yes, in his attempts to keep Elena

Damon is totally in love with Elena. In fact, he would do anything for her, as evidenced by his most recent campaign to resurrect her best friend from the dead — no matter how many times he has to snap his own brother’s neck! Oh yeah, and semi-kill the former love of his life. Though Elena seems more or less on board with Damon’s methods so far, it’s only a matter of time before Damon’s fear of losing Elena to Stefan via the universe’s machinations becomes so intense that he does something totally evil in a misguided attempt to keep her — ironically, driving her away. Yeah, we totally have this whole tragic thing mapped out.

No, he has always had a good heart

On the other hand, Elena could be the very thing that keeps Damon from going of the deep end, murder-wise. After all, his love for her was part of the reason he stopped serial-killing. Girls don’t like to date serial killers. Besides, Damon is a good guy deep, deep, deep down. When Katherine first turned him vamp, he chose to die rather than feed on another human being. The only reason he eventually did was because his brother begged him to, so they could spend eternity together. But, at his center, Damon is totally a marshmallow — surrounded by layers and layers of burnt, crispy blackness. (Have we stretched the marshmallow metaphor too far?)

What do you mean? He is evil now.

Given that Damon recently fed a begging-for-her-life Katherine to Silas as part of his deal to resurrect Bonnie, one could argue that Damon is still evil — or, more accurately, darkish grey. Though Katherine probably had it coming after centuries of evil-doing herself, that doesn’t cancel out Damon’s own murderous tendencies. We have to hand it to this show. On another series, Damon’s sacrifice of Katherine to Silas (and Elena’s silent witness) might be a super controversial fall-from-grace moment for one of its hero, but TVD exists in such a moral vacuum at times that this sort of behavior seems routine.

Do you think Damon will turn evil again? Do you think everyone on TVD is already evil? Sound off in the comments below!

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