The Originals Burning Question: Will Davina Die to Complete the Harvest?
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The Originals

The Originals Burning Question: Will Davina Die to Complete the Harvest?

The deadline for the Harvest sacrifice is inching ever closer on The Originals. With each episode that passes, the witches of the French Quarter become more desperate to complete the ritual by killing Davina (Danielle Campbell). Will Davina die to complete the Harvest?

Yes, the witches need their power

It seems ill-advised narrative-wise that The Originals would not let this storyline end in Davina’s death. If the Harvest isn’t completed, that means all of the witches (including Davina) will slowly lose their power until they have no magical ability. That would be so entirely lame! We suppose the witches are already kind of lame, but let’s not make the situation worse. Characters can still exist on their show without supernatural ability (right, Cami?), but this show becomes less interesting when their are fewer characters to challenge the Mikaelsons’ dominance. Ridding the witches of their powers would be one less threat for Klaus to worry about and he’s at his most interesting when he is at his most vulnerable.

No, the show will find a way around it

On the other hand, it’s not like The Originals can’t write itself out of this one. Maybe the witches were wrong about the consequences of not completing the Harvest? Maybe they were lying to get everyone to do what they want? Either way, Davina’s death and the draining of magic from the French Quarter aren’t the only possibilities. The Vampire Diaries and The Originals offer a universe of narrative possibility and unpredictability, burning through insane plot twists like it’s a package of double-stuffed Oreos. As long as no one kills off Klaus, we’re good.

Yes, but she’ll come back to life

Can we be straight with you, guys? Judging by this promo, it’s not looking good for Davina the teenage witch. We totally think that’s her limp body Marcel is hauling out of the burning cemetery. Luckily, death has never stopped anyone in this narrative universe! The witches predict that the teenaged witches who are sacrificed will come back to life with the completion of the Harvest, and we believe them. They’re ballsy and desperate to try the ceremony, but they’re not morally bankrupt enough to collectively start killing off their young to gain more power.

Do you think Davina will die in the Harvest? If not, what will happen? If so, do you think she will come back to life? Sound off in the comments below!

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