Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Will Hanna and Travis Hook Up?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Will Hanna and Travis Hook Up?

We’ll never be over the Haleb breakup on Pretty Little Liars, but that doesn’t mean we think Hanna should take a vow of celibacy. With Caleb temporarily out of the picture, might Hanna hook up with someone else say Travis, the hot gas station guy who helped clear her mother’s name earlier this season? We know from this sneak peek that Travis will be hanging with Hanna in this week’s episode. Will Hanna and Travis hook up?

Yes, Hanna is confused and Travis is hot. Hanna is obviously still in love with Caleb, but that doesn’t mean she won’t engage in a hook up with hottie Travis. It’s the way of the confused heartbroken everywhere. We can imagine how Hanna might seek comfort with Travis, as he has not only proven that he is willing to risk his own family’s happiness to tell the truth, but that he has a soft spot for Hanna. In the sneak peek, he is sharing valuable information about the police’s search for Cece (who is wanted in connection to Wilden’s murder). Interesting that these two have stayed in touch, don’t you think? Perhaps, Hanna has a soft spot for Travis, too.

No, Hanna is heartbroken for now. On the other hand, Hanna doesn’t seem to be in romance mode right now. In the wake of her breakup with Caleb, she is in full-on Nancy Drew gear. Her meetup with Travis seems much more like a business meeting than a social encounter. We can’t imagine Hanna hooking up with anyone right now, not when she’s so torn up about Caleb. Luckily, she has the “A” game to keep her busy.

Yes, but not right now. Of course, Hanna’s romantic interest in Travis could change over the course of their relationship and as Hanna moves further away from her breakup with Caleb. Though she might not be ready for a romance with Travis right now, if these two continue to meet up and become friends, then we could see something happening down the road. And, as much as we love Haleb, we don’t want Hanna to live in a perpetual state of heartbreak while Caleb is in Ravenswood.

Do you think Hanna and Travis will hook up either now or later? Sound off in the comments below!

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