The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: Will Katherine Die?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: Will Katherine Die?

We’re really worried about Katherine on The Vampire Diaries. The last time we saw Katherine, she fell down a flight of stairs after experiencing what looked like a heart attack. Plus, given what we know about the 100th episode (Season 5, Episode 11 — "500 Days of Solitude"), Katherine's prospects aren't looking good. With "death knocking at the window" in the episode, we have a feeling it's time to say goodbye to the sassy doppelganger once and for all.

If Dr. Wes can’t fix her…

We doubt that Katherine is going to give up on finding a cure for her aggressive aging so easily. After all, she’s made a career of keeping herself alive. But, that doesn’t mean she will find it. Dr. Wes is a brilliant microbiologist who seems to study vampire physiology in his free time. If he thinks she has no hope, then Katherine may really be screwed. There is the Traveller factor to consider. Can Nadia find a way to pull a body switcheroo with Katherine's spirit? Katherine's time is running out — fast — so we're not quite sure this is doable.

The Nadia factor

As mentioned before, Katherine has made self-preservation an art form. The key to her strategy has always been that she will leave any one else no matter the feelings she has for them behind to face any and all consequences if it means staying alive. Perhaps the only exception to that rule is her daughter, Nadia. Shortly after her turn to vampirism, she returned to Bulgaria to find the daughter her father had torn from her arms —even though Klaus was hunting her. Now that Nadia is back in the picture, we wonder if Katherine might eventually have to make a choice between saving herself and her daughter (because these are the sorts of ultimatums TVD deals in). If it were anyone else, we think Katherine would choose herself. But, for Nadia? We think Katherine would sacrifice her much-coveted life if it meant keeping her daughter safe. Bummer.

The 100th episode

We all know that the 100th episode (aka Season 5, Episode 11) will be a very special episode, that “death will be knocking at the window,” and that it will be a big one for Katherine. Maybe we’re just being paranoid, but those signs could easily point to an epic death for the 500-year-old used-to-be-vampire. And, in a tragic sort of way, it would be fitting. In many ways, Katherine is the one who brought all of these characters together. One could argue that it is doppelganger destiny, but in a more pragmatic perspective she was the one to come to Mystic Falls and set off another round in this epic battle of human vs. vampire 150 years ago. She was the one to turn Stefan and Damon. She was the one who turned Alaric’s wife (and Elena’s birth mother) Isobel into a vampire, who in turn led Klaus to Mystic Falls. Katherine is the linchpin in this intricate narrative and to tell the story of her ultimate demise for the 100th episode would be pretty epic. And sad.

Restoring the balance

Keeping the balance has always been a theme in TVD, but it seems to have become more prevalent in Season 5. Amara’s existence as the anchor is traded for Bonnie’s. We learned that the doppelgangers are the universe’s way of trying to restore balance for the immortal lives unnaturally granted Amara and Silas so many years ago. We hate to say it, but Katherine’s demise has a karmic and physical equilibrium to it. Katherine has cheated death for more than 500 years she’s done it more intensely than perhaps any other character on this show. Will TVD let her character die in the name of reinforcing this theme? We think maybe so…

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