The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: Will Klaus Return to Mystic Falls For Caroline?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Burning Question: Will Klaus Return to Mystic Falls For Caroline?

Recent scoop about an upcoming development in Caroline Forbes’ love life on The Vampire Diaries has us wondering (read: hoping) if Klaus Mikaelson’s upcoming return to Mystic Falls is related to a certain sassy blonde vamp. Is Klaus returning for Caroline?

Things are getting hairy on The Originals. Even though Klaus may have Marcel pledging his loyalty and Elijah issuing apologies, we’re still waiting for the other French Quarter coup shoe to drop. Right now, Klaus doesn’t have anyone he can fully trust or, at least anyone he is willing to fully trust but Caroline might be the exception to that rule. The more paranoid Klaus gets, the more he is going to want an honest, trustworthy confidant to bounce his schemes off of. Even if Klaus does manage to keep his paranoia in check, he has made no secret of his intention never to give up on Caroline and we don’t think he will.

Looking at the other half of this potential ship, we can’t help but notice that TVD is wrapping up many of Caroline’s romantic storylines on the show. Tyler not only left Caroline, but left TVD for The Originals altogether (at least for now). And Caroline’s latest love interest, was staked by Elena. Don’t get us wrong, there will always be storyline material for Caroline partly because she is awesome and partly because she is a character that is so much more than her romantic relationships but, if Caroline departed, it would not be a crippling narrative blow for TVD.

We truly and honestly believe that, barring any unforeseen circumstances, The Originals will eventually explore Klaroline it’s too great of a storyline not to, and there has already been crossover between the two shows we’re just not sure if it is going to happen now. The Originals is still a show in its infancy, trying to find its spot in the television universe. It is trying to make us viewers care as much about brand new characters as we do about the ones we grew to love on TVD. Klaroline would definitely overshadow that right now, and potentially take away from the development of both these new characters and the development of old characters who need to find their narrative place within a new series framework. We’ve speculated before that Klaus’ return to Mystic Falls may be in flashback form. If this is the case, it’s unlikely it will have anything to do with Caroline. Sob.

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