Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Will Shana Die?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Will Shana Die?

Shana (Aerial Miranda) was back in last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, and she had quite the tale to tell. The mysterious teenager claims that she and Ali have known one another since they were kids, and that she moved to Rosewood per Ali’s request to figure out who tried to kill the mean girl. The episode ended with “A” burning a picture of Shana, suggesting that Ali’s apparent childhood bestie might not be long for this world. Will Shana die?!

Yes. “A” has her in his sights.

It’s been a long time since someone turned up mysteriously murdered on this show — a little too long. The burning of Shana’s photo at the end of last night’s ep certainly makes her a likely candidate for most-likely-to-next-bite-it (not a superlative you want to win). You know what else makes her top of our list? Her apparent usefulness to Ali. If “A” really is trying to track Alison down, then it makes sense he would go after her most trusted confidantes. By eliminating Ali’s support network, “A” may eventually be able to get to the Liar herself. Narratively, the show can also afford to kill Shana off. Her death will make an impact and keep the stakes high, but not seriously derail any of the storylines we know and love. Sorry, Shana, but you might want to consider renting a disguise from your day job at Halloween Spooktacular.

No. Because she’s on the “A” Team.

Even given Shana’s impressive display of Ali knowledge in last night’s episode, we’re still not entirely sure we can trust the newest kid on the “A” game block. If “A” does have Alison, they could coerce her into telling the Liars anything they want, and using that information to trick the Liars. Conversely, just because Spencer was the one to break up Emily and Ali’s meetup, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a trap set by “A” to snatch Ali that Spence inadvertently broke up. Just saying. Shana got out of there pretty fast after dropping Em off. If Shana is Team “A,” then it doesn’t make much sense for “A” to kill her. She may be safe yet.

Do you think Shana will be the “A” game’s next victim? Do you believe what she told Emily in last night’s episode? Sound off in the comments below!

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