Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: How Is Wren Involved With “A”?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: How Is Wren Involved With “A”?

In the “A” epilogue at the end of last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, we saw the Big Bad with a whole stack of Dr. Wren’s (Julian Morris) blank prescription pads. Does Wren know “A” has those? How is he involved in the “A” game? We speculate below.

Wren sent those pads to “A”

Wherever Wren is currently hiding out, we’re not sure he’s entirely left the “A” game. We have a sneaking suspicion that the cabin Ezra is staying at might belong to Wren, and last time we checked Wren was staying with Melissa, who indisputably knows more about the “A” game then she is letting on. So, could Wren have sent those pads to “A” upon request? In Season 3, he did collude with someone to get Veronica Hastings removed from Ashley Marin’s defense team. He seems a willing patsy.

“A” stole them from Wren

We do love suspecting Wren (and everyone else on this show) of foul play, but maybe we’re too quick to jump to conclusions. Wren may be on someone’s side, but that doesn’t mean it is “A”’s. Perhaps, “A” stole them from the hospital or Wren’s possessions. The mysterious villain can get his/her hands on pretty much anything. She once switched out the Liars’ dumplings for worms. We think she can nab a few prescription pads.

“A” took them from Shana

It seems awfully coincidental that, in the same episode Shana brings up her packing up of Wren’s apartment, we see some of Wren’s possessions in “A”’s hands, especially given that Shana was drugged by someone in the same ep. Did Shana steal the prescription pads when she packed Wren’s stuff for him, then “A” took them when Shana was unconscious? It certainly seems likely.

Wren is “A”

The simplest explanation is often the correct one and, in this case, that explanation is that Wren is “A.” Pretty Little Liars is rarely hits us over the head quite so soundly with a clue, but at this point in the series, the best way to screw with our heads might just be to make things unthinkably simple. We’re so used to looking for the most complicated solution, for finding clues in the most abstract things. Having Wren handle his own prescription pads as “A” might just be genius.

How do you think Wren is involved with all of this “A” business? How do you think “A” got the prescription pads? Share your theories in the comments below!

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