“But I’ll Cut You!”: Best Quotes From ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 10
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America's Next Top Model

“But I’ll Cut You!”: Best Quotes From ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 10

Another night in Morocco, another day of great quotes to compile. Here are the most memorable lines from Cycle 16, Episode 10 of America's Next Top Model.

7. Hannah (on her tea tray dance): I don't really have the hip movement, so I just tried to do maybe the wave.
When in doubt...

6. Alexandria (on dancer Noor Talbi): It's the first time I've ever seen someone balance a whole entire tea set on their head. It was very cultural.
We all need some cultural-ness now and then.

5. Molly: Challenges really have nothing to do with who goes home. I'm not worried about it. I know that I can take better pictures than everyone else. So, it was f***ing tea on my head. Really?
Well, that happened.

4. Alexandria: We are about to do the walking with the tea pot and the fire on top of our heads and, yes, I was made to do this.
How can one be sure of this until put in those exact circumstances?

3. Brittani: The texture of a goat's brain, it's disgusting. It messed up my whole digestive system.
Think how the goat must feel!

2. Hannah (to Brittani): I never thought I'd meet a girl from a trailer park.
Anything can happen if you wish for it hard enough for it.

1. Hannah: I'm the girl next door, but I'll cut you!


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