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“Bye! Can’t Stand You All!” — Top Courtney Robertson Quotes From The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 7

She's very unique, a little bit weird, possibly a black widow and definitely friends with a tarantula named Terry. And that's just how Ben Flajnik likes her. In honor of quote queen Courtney Robertson's kill-shot cockiness in Belize, here are some of the best comments by — and about — Courtney from The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 7:

“Bye! Can’t Stand You All!” — Top Courtney Robertson Quotes From The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 7
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Kacie Boguskie: "I would like to see Courtney trot her ass out of the door like she does when she gets a rose."
Hey now — Lindzi and her horse do the trotting on this show.

Courtney: "If I was a tarantula named Terry I'd want to live here too."
If you ask Kacie, you are something close to a tarantula named Courtney. We like you, though.

Emily O'Brien: "Goodbye, Courtney, it's been very nice knowing you. My condolences to whichever man you end up with."
What if she and Terry try to make it work?

Kacie: "Courtney sucks. ‘We’re in a relationship!’ What do you think we’re all in? I have never heard such a conceited person before in my life. Never.”
But it’s totally different when she talks about being in a relationship with Ben.

Courtney: "Ben is not the only guy in the world. The spark is there, or it’s not."
And it’s not there with Emily and Rachel this week — at least not on Ben’s end

Kacie: "She's like a black widow and she just sucks the life out of everything."
Courtney, the vacuum spider! We like her, though.

Emily: "The villa is beautiful, unfortunately I'm sharing it with four other girls and a shark. Courtney likes to sleep a lot and then gets up and attacks and goes back to bed and you never really know when the next bite is coming."
Cue the Jaws theme...

Kacie: "That f--king bitch. ‘He knows what’s good for him. He knew I need it.’ It took every freaking fiber of my being to not spring across the room and punch her in the face."
And this is the sweetheart of the season!

Kacie: "Here’s Courtney, she’s a black widow. This is what I want to do to her. [SPLAT!]"
Run, Terry!

Courtney: "Bye! Can't stand you all."
Don’t write soon! Never visit!

Ben [to Courtney]: "I think I’m kind of strange. I’m kind of a weird guy, you know, I feel like you are nicely — I don’t know how to put it — unique. Very unique. I like those little things about you.”
She’s one of a kind, our Courtney.

Courtney [to Ben]: "These women, I’m so bored by them. These aren’t people that I would be friends with in my real life. They’re just so vanilla and they don’t really — they’re very into themselves. It’s exhausting when you don’t really enjoy someone’s company and you have to sit there and live with them every day."
Courtney’s definitely not vanilla — more like Rocky Road.

Courtney: "I’m not impressed by these women. Or girls — I don’t even think they’re women."
Michelle Money, time to sue for plagiarism.

Courtney [on Kacie]: "She’s just like a little girl in like a little boy’s body.”
That little boy sure fills out a bikini well

Courtney: "I don't want to get cocky, though."

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