Caila Quinn Back on NYC Dating Scene After ‘Bachelorette’ Switch Up (PHOTOS)
Caila Quinn in NYC
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Caila Quinn Back on NYC Dating Scene After ‘Bachelorette’ Switch Up (PHOTOS)


Who needs to juggle 25 boyfriends on national television when you can hit up the NYC dating scene, no strings attached?

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That’s a lesson Ben Higgins’s second runner-up Caila Quinn has seemingly learned, as the Season 20 contestant is making the most of her Bachelorette rejection and her new Big Apple hometown — and she’s taking her fans along for the ride!

Over the weekend, the 23-year-old beauty shared some photos of herself struggling to get ready for a date on Snapchat.

Caila Quinn on Snapchat
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Just like the rest of us, it seems Caila was hit with a case of “nothing to wear” before her grand return to dating. But by the looks of that black ensemble, she’s on the right track. Also, well done on the apartment decor, girl!

The software sales rep also shared a follow up snap in the “only thing I want to wear,” aka denim overalls and what appears to be sports bra!

Caila Quinn on Snapchat
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So while we still don’t know which lucky guy she spent her Saturday night with or how they hooked up (Bumble? Hinge? Andi Dorfman set-up?), at least we know she’s a sharer. It’s only a matter of time before Caila clues us in more.

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We’re just curious what this means for her Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 chances. We’d love to see her date down in Mexico, too, if possible!