Caitlyn Jenner Admits in New Book She Asked Former Wife To Get an Abortion
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Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner Admits in New Book She Asked Former Wife To Get an Abortion


Caitlyn Jenner is ready to tell all.

In her new memoir, The Secrets of My Life, Caitlyn opens up about her transition, her relationship with the Kardashians, and her failings as a father, which includes asking one of his former wives to get an abortion.

The incident occurred when the 67-year-old reality star, who was then known as Bruce, discovered her first wife Chrystie Crownover was pregnant, according to a copy of the book obtained by

At that point the couple had already split up due to Caitlyn’s longtime gender identity crisis.

“I suggest to her that given we are headed for divorce, she doesn’t have to give birth and can get an abortion,” the I Am Cait star revealed in her book.

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“I am thinking about what life will be like for a child brought into the world in which the parents are in divorce proceedings. And yes, I am thinking about my image and future livelihood.”

Caitlyn Jenner
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“With our marriage headed for divorce, I am not prepared to have another child,” she continued. “I cannot emotionally handle another child.”

Chrystie, however, felt very differently.

“Chrystie becomes livid,” Caitlyn wrote. “She makes it clear that the child is hers, not ours, and wants me to have nothing to do with raising the child.”

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The now 64-year-old then did have the baby; their daughter Casey was born in June 1980 and Caitlyn claims she was not present in the hospital for her birth.

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“Casey is now bright and gorgeous and an incredible mom to three children with an equally incredible husband,” Caitlyn went on to write.

“I know I terribly disappointed her as a father, nor was she the only child I terribly disappointed.”

Although Casey and Caitlyn did not have the best relationship when Caitlyn was Bruce, the two have grown closer since her transition.

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“My relationship with Caitlyn is much better than with Bruce,” the 36-year-old told People magazine last year.

“We didn’t talk for years, and now we see each other every couple of weeks and talk on the phone, which I am grateful for.”

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