‘Cakebarring’ Woman Feeds Cake to Men at Bars to Find Love
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‘Cakebarring’ Woman Feeds Cake to Men at Bars to Find Love

“Cakebarring” is a novel way to find love, but it’s not yet a trend, exactly, since we only know about one person who’s doing it. And although it sounds like a mixture of baking and ballet, it’s really all about finding a man — through the power of sugar.

Audrey Shulman found herself partnerless at age 26 and realized that she was sick of being single. With a history of no real boyfriends to speak of and nothing on the horizon, she decided to eschew the traditional dating sites, to take her mixer into her own hands, and to use said mixer to whip up delicious homemade cakes. She then took these cakes to bars in the hopes of meeting boys. Hence, cakebarring. She even trademarked it!

We know what you’re thinking, “That sounds pretty lonely and desperate,” right? But, guess what? It totally works! The wily young lady, who happens to love baking, found herself feeding cake to a lot, and we mean a lot, of grateful dudes, who think she is a cake-making angel. She documents all of the action on her blog, Sitting In Bars With Cake.

Amy didn’t know what to expect at first, but she reports that at this point in the experiment, after bringing 18 cakes to 18 bars, she’s gotten three phone numbers, a business card, a new girlfriend, an ‘almost boyfriend’ (not sure what that means), and that she’s consumed enough cake to badly need a dental exam. She’s in it to win it for the next six months, with plans to bring 50 cakes to 50 bars when all is said and done.

Through her blog, Amy has some tips and tricks for cakebarring that you’re going to want to read before you try the method, including our favorite: Don’t kill yourself in the kitchen — boys will eat anything. Also, don’t be shy about who you offer your cake to, the idea is to be open to everyone with your confections. On a practical note, bring proper utensils.

Amy urges amateur cakebarrers to not give up if they encounter resistance. She says, “Some bars will have unfriendly patrons who don't like dessert or pretend they don't hear you. There's something wrong with them, not you. Regardless of measurable success, it just matters that you're trying.” You go, cakebarring lady!

At the end of the day, Amy says the most important thing is to “trust the cake.” This means working through your fears proudly, cake in hand, ready to talk to strangers with your ‘instant conversation piece.’ She also wants you to know that if all else fails and you find no takers, that you are still winning, because that just means more cake for you.

Source: Sitting In Bars With Cake

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07.16.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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